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Zhang Chaoyang tours in Yichang and spends his Dragon Boat Festival in Qingjiang Gallery during his 10KM Challenge

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2018/06/19 09:45
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OnJune18,thedateoftheDragonBoatFestival,ZhangChaoyang,theboardchairmanandCEOofSohu,cametothebeautifulQingjiangGalleryandspentaspecialDragonBoatFestivalbyswimming.  At09:00inthemorning,ZhangChaoyangarr

  On June 18, the date of the Dragon Boat Festival, Zhang Chaoyang, the board chairman and CEO of Sohu, came to the beautiful Qingjiang Gallery and spent a special Dragon Boat Festival by swimming.

  At 09:00 in the morning, Zhang Chaoyang arrived at the pier of Qingjiang Gallery, put on a professional swimming suit, and took the ship to the Orange Brook Pier. After the warming up, at 09:55, Zhang Chaoyang plunged into the water and started his challenge. During the journey, Zhang Chaoyang enjoyed the view while swimming, and waved his hands towards tourists passing by who responded with screams and shouts. Citizens who were watching the live broadcasting left comments “nuclear level stamina”, “so awesome”. It was reported that the actual distance exceeded 12 kilometers and time consumed was 6 hours and 41 minutes.

  Qingjiang Gallery was located in the Tujia autonomous prefecture in Changyang, Yichang City, Hubei Province with cozy summer and a water temperature of 21 to 23 degree centigrade. With eye-catching landscape and brimming views, the scenic area has mountains as green as ribbons and water as blue as sapphire. This water has also been challenged by Wang Zhangjian, a Chinese “iron man” who succeeded in swimming across the English Channel many other channels across the globe.

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