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Qingjiang Gallery launches the Party Day Activity of June

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2018/06/17 09:48
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OnJune13,QingjiangGallerylaunchedthePartyDayActivityofJune.  Duringthemeeting,participantsreceivedandlearnedtheNoticeofHBCTPartyCommitteeonWellOrganizingtheSelectionandRecommendationfor2018AdvancedGra

  On June 13, Qingjiang Gallery launched the Party Day Activity of June.

  During the meeting, participants received and learned the Notice of HBCT Party Committee on Well Organizing the Selection and Recommendation for 2018 Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations, Outstanding Party Members and Outstanding Party Workers; the Notice of HBCT Discipline Inspection Commission on the Implementation Scheme for “Ten Enters and Ten Constructions” Promotion and Education of Party Rules and Disciplines and National Supervision Policies; the 21 session of the minute of HBCT party committee meeting and the Amendment to the Constitution of the People's Republic of China.

  At the meeting, it was requested that all party branches of the company should properly manage the traces of routine work, plan for the cultivation of applicants for CPC membership and regularization of party members beforehand; all party members must further strengthen their understanding of the Constitution, master and seize the core meaning and spiritual essence of the Amendment to Constitution; actually respect, learn, abide by, maintain and use the Constitution, so as to provide a legal protection for the high-quality development of the company.

  The selection of outstanding party members, outstanding grassroots party organizations and outstanding party workers was also commenced on the meeting; all party members signed the Commitment to Integrity of Party Members and Cadres of Qingjiang Gallery, and paid the party fee of that month in full.

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