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Qingjiang, ancient name Yishui, also known as salt water, named after the river is clear

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Reflection Shadow Gorge, Xianrenzhai,

Wuluo Zhongli Mountain

Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday





Core attractions: Wuluozhongli Mountain, inverted shadow gorge, Xianrenzhai

Wuluo Zhongli Mountain
Wuluozhong is also known as Lushan Mountain. It is the largest island in the Qingdao Baidao Lake and the birthplace of the ancient Ba people.
Reflection gorge
The inverted gorge is the first major attraction to enter the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, located on the north side of the Geheyan Dam. Its gorge is 5 kilometers long and is famous for its reflection of "fishing branches and birds".
Immortal Village
It is called the animal and plant kingdom. There are nearly 200 kinds of rare plants, especially the fairy vanilla, the four season apricot, the Tian Sanqi, the rock cabbage, the rock pine, the aloe, the pigeon tree and so on.
Ma Chi Ancient Village
Ma Chi is a revolutionary old district with a mixed ethnicity and a glorious history. During the first and second domestic revolutionary wars, Xiang and Hubei, headed by He Long...


The birthplace of the Ba people, Changyang Wuluo Zhongli Mountain

Ba culture

Ba is an ancient nation in southwestern China. It has gradually formed an important regional culture, namely Pakistani culture, in the historical evolution of more than a thousand years.

Real performance

The story of "Jiangshan Beauty" is touching and the plot is vivid. The whole story of the love story between the king of Israel and the goddess



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