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5A level scenic area, national forest park, Hubei Grade A tourism resource area,
One of the ten core tourist attractions in the Western Hubei Circle


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Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is located in the exclusive port of Geheyan Tourism, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City. It is 10 kilometers away from Changyang County. It is the largest national 5A scenic spot in the Three Gorges area, and a national forest park. It is also listed as one of the four core tourist scenic spots in Hubei Province with the Shenlongjia, Wudang Mountain and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. It has been listed as one of the ten core tourist scenic spots in the western Hubei circle. The annual reception capacity has reached more than 1 million people. It is the service standardization tourism of Hubei Province. Demonstration scenic spot.
The main scenic spot of Qingjiang Gallery starts from the Qinghe River dam dam, and the west reaches the Qingjiang Shuibuya Dam Yanchi Hot Spring, covering all the tourism resources along the line. The Gaoxia Pinghu has a depth of 100 kilometers. The scenery in the scenic area is beautiful, the scenery is full of eyes, the green mountains are like ribbons, and the river blue is like a gem. In the morning and evening, the fog in the river rises like Penglai Wonderland; in the four seasons, wildflowers are dotted with the flower skirt of the sky, known as the Danube in the East, the hometown of the paddles. At present, there are mainly scenic spots such as the Wulu Mountain, Xianrenzhai, and the inverted shadow gorge, as well as the newly built “Kelly Health Health Tour” green boutique route, as well as the attractions such as Machigu Village and Yanchi Hot Spring. .
In the scenic area, there are tourist reception centers built according to the national 5A level scenic spot standards, including geological museums, shopping centers, ticketing centers, scenic ecological parking lots and other ancillary facilities, forming three functions of ticket sales, dam viewing and parking.
There are star-rated hotels in the scenic area, and there are also small farmhouses for accommodation and food. There are both wild and wild seafood in the wild. There are thousands of tens of thousands of hotel suites and dozens of farmhouse leisure labels. There are also a variety of special tourist souvenirs such as Changyang Green Tea, Kistler, Qingjiang Fish, Konjac Dietary Fiber, Tujia Bacon, etc. The style is beautiful and easy to carry.
Mysterious Qingjiang has a long history. Qingjiang is the second largest tributary of the Yangtze River in Hubei. It is the birthplace of the Ba people, the mother river of the Tujia children. 190,000 years ago, the ancient "Changyang people" opened the ancient civilization of the Yangtze River in China. Five thousand years ago, the ancient Ba people opened the territory to build the ancient Pakistani state. Two thousand years ago, the Tujia was born here.
Dream Tujia, Batu Paradise. The Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, where the scenic spot is located, has a long history and a culture, and is known as the hometown of Chinese folk art. The folk songs, Nanqu and Bashan dances are Changyang's “three treasures of culture”, as well as many strange customs such as crying and marrying, which have become the living fossils of the ancient Ba people in the Qingjiang Gallery.
Qingjiang Gallery, one step at a time, one painting and one painting. The Chinese iron man who successfully crossed the English Channel, the world crossed Wang Zhangjian, led the team to visit Qingjiang Gallery here; Li Guyi, Li Shuangjiang, Tan Jing, A Youduo, Mao Ning, Phoenix Legend, A Bao and so on, more than 20 Chinese and foreign singers sang here. Qingjiang Water"; world famous pianist and piano singer Maxim is here to play the world famous song "Hai Shen Qu"; Changyang peasant brothers Wang Aimin and Wang Aihua conquered the national audience with Qingjiang folk song "Sister of Flower" and won CCTV The young singer Grand Prix original ecological group gold medal; Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Sang Guowei and other 23 academicians visited Qingjiang Gallery; CCTV International Channel solemnly broadcast Changyang special program "Chinese Love - Ba Tu Love Song"; Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Jia Qinglin, etc. The party and state leaders praised Qingjiang as one of the best protected rivers in the country, saying that “Qingjiang Gallery is comparable to Guilin’s landscape”.