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Order maintained in Qingjiang Gallery during Dragon Boat Festival

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2018/06/19 09:42
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  On June 18, as the last visitor returned from the scenic area, the Dragon Boat Festival of Qingjiang Gallery came to an end in a pleasant, joyful, safe and orderly atmosphere. During the three-day holiday, the scenic area received a total of 17,000 tourists and realized a comprehensive tourism income of more than 2 million yuan.

  According to statistical data, in the past three days, the scenic area received a total of about 4,000 private cars and about 150 buses. Most tourists came from Hubei province and neighboring provinces, among whom 11,500 people were from Hubei province, accounting for 68% of the total, followed by tourists from Hunan, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places, numbering about 5,500 people and accounting for 32% of the total.

  In order to create a sound touristic order, Qingjiang Gallery held a special meeting on tourist reception for the Dragon Boat Festival, made arrangements for the tourist reception in the Dragon Boat Festival; formulated the Scheme for Tourist Reception in Qingjiang Gallery during Dragon Boat Festival of 2018, and pinpointed responsibilities to every specific region and person to make sure all measures are in place and progress is made; carried out extensive troubleshooting for the safe production in the scenic area before the festival, sped up the pace on the correction of hidden risks and dangers identified, thus striving to create a safe and orderly touristic environment for tourists.

  During the festival, the inquiry service was maintained in the scenic area while more inquiry stations were set up to provide consultation service for tourists; more ticket stalls were set up to shorten the time of queuing; the liner department increased the transport capacity in combination with peak shifting to reduce the waiting of tourists; the performance center came up with Tujia dances and shows to fully demonstrate the charm of Tujia culture; government leaders came to the front line to offer instructions; supports were received from the public security bureau, the tourism bureau, the urban management bureau, the transportation bureau and other functional departments to ensure safety and clearance and maintain the touristic order.

  Employees in the scenic area maintained a smiling face while offering service. Cases of helping hands, returning of lost money and kindhearted assistances kept coming forward. With the help of an array of measures, our service and management were better accepted by tourists and fulfilled their diversified demands, thus receiving extensive acclaims from tourists.

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