Scenic address: Longzhouping Town, Changyang County, Yichang, Hubei Service Hotline:86 717-5335806

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There is a tourist reception center built according to the standard of 5A level in the scenic area.
Including geological museums, shopping centers, ticketing centers, scenic ecological parking lots and other facilities


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Dear visitors:
Welcome to the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area. For your rights and interests, please read the details of the visitors before purchasing tickets.
First, the service description
1. All visitors to the park are subject to the following instructions and special tips for the scenic spot.
2. Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot is a one-vote scenic spot. The tour route is divided into A line (Tujia Fengqing Street - inverted shadow gorge - Qingjiang Buddha - Xianrenzhai - Wuluo Zhongli Mountain) and B line (Tujia Fengqing Street - inverted shadow gorge - Qingjiang Buddha - Xianrenzhai).
3. Visitors enter the park with one person, one ticket, and the ticket is valid on the same day. If you need to re-enter the park after leaving the park, you need to re-purchase tickets. Tickets already sold will not be returned.
Second, special tips
1. Please consciously abide by social ethics and scenic spots, civilized tourism.
2. Please consciously maintain public health. Do not spit, loosen, or throw litter.
3. Please consciously maintain public safety. Please park the vehicle according to the designated place. If you are not approved, please do not enter the park. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the fire-ban area. It is forbidden to use fire in the field. It is forbidden to bring inflammable and explosive materials into the scenic spot.
4. Please consciously protect yourself. Please watch and accompany the special crowds of old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant, young, etc.; do not swim in the scenic waters; when visiting the scenic spots, please do not leave the tour route to the undeveloped area of ​​the scenic spot; do not climb Cliffs, guardrails, trees, etc.; in case of lightning, heavy rain, strong winds and other bad weather, please leave the danger zone as soon as possible to prevent accidents.
5. Please consciously maintain public order. Do not engage in feudal superstitions, cults, etc. in the scenic area; if you need to enter the scenic spot to engage in commercial activities, wedding dresses, film and television shooting or to carry out mass group activities, you should submit a written application to the scenic spot in advance, and proceed with the approval according to the approved content.
6. When taking a cruise, please confirm the specific location of the life jacket, lifebuoy, fire-fighting equipment and related safety precautions, follow the staff arrangement and command, and work with the staff; the water in the reservoir area is urgent, please do not take the agricultural vessel without safety facilities. .