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5A level scenic area, national forest park, Hubei Grade A tourism resource area,
One of the ten core tourist attractions in the Western Hubei Circle


Wuluozhong is also known as Lushan Mountain. It is the largest island in the Baidao Lake in the Qingjiang River. It is the birthplace of the ancient Ba people. "Han Han Shu Nan Nan Xi Yi Biography" records: Ba County South County is quite, there are five surnames: Pap, Fan, Yu, Xiang and Zheng are all out of the mountain. The entire mountain body of Zhongli Mountain is like a floating lake. The main peak is 397.5 meters above sea level. The mountain is surrounded by water and blue waves. The five peaks on the island are scattered and the water is fogged. On the mountain there are also attractions such as Wang Temple, Deji Pavilion, Shishentai, the birthplace of the Ba people, Chihei two points, Baihu Stone, etc., and a new cultural square and 8 million Tujia children’s root-seeking ancestral temples - Lin Jun Hall.
The inverted gorge is the first major attraction to enter the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, located on the north side of the Geheyan Dam. Its gorge is 5 kilometers long and is famous for its reflection of the fishes and branches of the birds. The water is quiet and the mountains are steep and the paintings are everywhere. There are some of the world's largest natural Maitreya Buddha, Peacock Kaiping Mountain and other attractions.
It is called the animal and plant kingdom. There are nearly 200 kinds of rare plants, especially the fairy vanilla, the four season apricot, the Tiansanqi, the rock cabbage, the rock pine, the aloe, the pigeon tree, etc., and there are also Qingjiang macaques and you are teasing. Going to the Xianrenzhai, there is a fairy wind, there are poems: into the Xianrenzhai, people like the village in the immortal; Acacia immortal village, thousands of souls forget to return.
Machigu Village is located in the Changyang Tujia Autonomous County of Hubei Province. It is one of the main scenic spots of Qingjiang Gallery. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, bordering Qingjiang in the north and Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County in the south. “Machi Chizhai Village” is the site of the former site of the Machi Soviet government, and is also a key tourism project planned for the construction of Dujiangwan Town, filling the gap of the “Qingjiang Gallery” red tourism. The ancient village wall of the style, with typical Tujia style houses, is hardening the seven-meter-wide cement road... Walking in the Machi ancient village, you can always find a refreshing feeling.
The Geheyan Hydropower Station, located on the main stream of the Qingjiang River near Changyang County, Hubei Province, is the backbone of the cascade development of the Qingjiang River. It is about 50 kilometers away from Gezhouba Power Station and 350 kilometers away from Wuhan. The hydropower station was completed in 1994 with an installed capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts and an annual generating capacity of 3.04 billion kilowatt hours. It is mainly supplied to the Central China Power Grid and operates in conjunction with the Gezhouba Power Station.