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Qingjiang Gallery launches the Party Day Activity of August

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2018/09/13 16:57
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OnAugust27,QingjiangGallerylaunchedthePartyDayActivityofAugust.Themanagement,partymembers,applicantsforCPCmembershipandmiddle-classmanagersabovethesupervisorlevelparticipatedintheevent.  Duringthemeet

  On August 27, Qingjiang Gallery launched the Party Day Activity of August. The management, party members, applicants for CPC membership and middle-class managers above the supervisor level participated in the event.

  During the meeting, the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Organizational Work Conference titled Actually Implementing the Organizational Route of the Party in the New Era and Working Hard to Make the Party Stronger was conveyed to all party members. They also learned the Notice on Launching Party Day Activity of August, the Reminders for Learning and Education of "Two Learnings and One Being" in August, the Working Methods for Internal Special Inspection of HBCT, the Analysis on the Case of Gangsterdom Involved by the Original Director of Village Committee of Tumen Village in Guangshui and His Family Members, the Compilations of National Organizational Work Conference and other documents.

  During the meeting, all party members and cadres of the company were requested to take the lead in implementing the resolutions and work arrangements of the party committee and the discipline inspection commission of the company and the group, and consciously abide by laws and regulations of the party and the company. They should take the lead in spreading positive energy, helping each other; correctly understand the relationship between strict management and kindness; strengthen communication; work together for greater success. They should give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role as a party member, improve their mindset of innovation, and make due contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Qingjiang Gallery in the new era!

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