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Inherit “red genes” and join forces for development

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2018/09/13 16:54
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  On August 27, in order to steadily push forward the “Three Propaganda and Five Lectures” and the “Ten Enters and Ten Constructions” events, Qingjiang Gallery launched the “Auditorium of Red Culture”. The management, party members, applicants for CPC membership and middle-class managers above the supervisor level participated in the event.

  Qin Gan, a principal staff from the Party History Office and the County Archives Bureau of Changyang County, was invited by the company to give a lecture titled "Red Culture and Clean Government Education". He used three vivid stories to narrate the iron-like belief, disciplines and punishment against corruption of the Red Army and its soldiers at that time.

  Qingjiang Gallery opened the “Auditorium of Red Culture” to implant red genes and glorious traditions into promotional education activities with the purpose of learning the spirit of the Red Army, inheriting the red genes, and urging all party members and cadres to tighten the rope of anti-corruption and integrity, build up a dam to hold the flood of corruption, navigate towards the correct political direction, well utilize “red resources” and carry forward “red tradition”, thus joining all forces to staunchly guarantee the high-quality development of the company.

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