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Qingjiang Gallery communicates and implements the spirit of the meeting of the head office

Party building
Jiang Yunfang
2018/08/10 16:59
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  Recently, the company convened a meeting of the Party Committee to timely convey the spirit of the mid-year conference and the facilitation meeting of discipline inspection and supervision, and discuss on the list of self-check and self-correction tasks of HBCT in party building and discipline inspection.



  It pointed out in the meeting that: in order to well prepare for the inspection on the head office by the 11th session of the Provincial Party Committee, the following working requirements have been put forward in accordance with the party building of the head office, the Report of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of 2018, the Working Highlights of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of 2018, and the actual conditions of the company: “self-check and self-correction must follow the requirements of the political inspection, highlight the overwhelming political leadership of the party, satisfy the political requirements on party building, govern the party in an overall and strict manner from the point of political position, highlight the construction of an honest and clean government and the fight against corruption, focus on rooting out corruptions in the political ecosystem inside the party”, act on the basis of the political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, work style construction and discipline construction to achieve an overwhelming victory over corruption, pinpoint the accountabilities in the inspection and conduct self-check and self-correction.”

  It was emphasized on the meeting that: the head office had printed and issued the List of Self-check and Self-correction Tasks of HBCT in Party Building and Discipline Inspection, the party committee of the company would further expand on the list to highlight the key points: we should firmly safeguard the core position of the Party Central Committee of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, as well as the centralized authority and leadership of the party; comprehensively learn and implement the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party in Xi Jinping’s era, and the spirit of the 11th Party Congress; execute Eight Regulations of the Central Committee and its implementation bylaws, the spirit of the implementation methods of Hubei Province and the combat against “Four Work Styles”; the execution of party constitution and disciplines; honesty and integrity of leaders and anti-corruption actions among the public; talent selection and accountability consumption by leaders, construction of primary party organizations, implementation of the work accountability system on ideology, outcomes of precise poverty alleviation; the correction of problems identified in the inspection by the 10th session of the Provincial Party Committee.

  It was requested at the meeting that the party committee and management of the company should attach great importance to the party building and discipline inspection, be bold, innovative and distinctive at work, and have special characteristics. The key work of party building and discipline inspection should be implemented item by item in accordance with the detailed checklist. The discipline inspection and supervision office under the Party Work Department should report the updates of party building and discipline inspection to the “smart supervision” website on a timely basis, publicize the contents of “Three Propaganda and Five Lectures” by means of LED display, counters, posters and bulletins to highlight key points and achieve real effect.

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