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  Folk Customs  

Changyang Tujia Autonomous County has a long history and a cultural heritage.
Known as the hometown of Chinese folk art.


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Funnysongs-   Gentlypushthesister'sheart Sisterlightsintheroom,Thelampgrassislongandoily.Forthelang,turnthelightstick,Gentlypushthesister'sheart. Gohomeandmissyouforafewmonths Yuanwang’ssisteriswearingwhite,Tenfingersarelikeashackle,Ipinchedmyclawsthatday.Gohomeandmissyouforafewmonths. Singamountainsongtoteasemysister Singamountainsongtoteasemysister,Makeahorseupthecage.Agoodhorseisgoingtobeequippedwithagoodsaddle.Doyouwanttoaskyoursister? Waterdepthself-ownedferry Langhasahearttocometothesister,Evenifthemountainsarehighanddeep,ShanGaohasaroad,Thewaterdepthhasitsownferry. Teasingandbeating Teasing,teasing,Teasingandhittingthehook,Affectionisonlyforteasing,Teasingandbeatingishardtolose. Sisterdoesnotlookup,notMerry Singamountainsongtoteasemysister,Lookingatthesister,don’tlookup?Thehorselookedupanddidnoteatgrass.Sisterdoesnotlookupanddoesnotflow. Eyesare眨 Pickingteafromthelefthand,Therighthandputsthesisterinlove,Ihaveasighoflove,mysister’smouthisstraight,Theeyesareawkward. Baddebt Whiteclothwhiteandwhite,Todayisonlypleated,Wearalovesister,Afewbadcustomers. Beesgotopickflowers Beesgotopickflowers,Spendatthefootofthecloud,Forty-eightdaysofrain,Hidingundertheflowertree. Today’ssistercan’thelp InJune,Dogdaysofsummer,Today’ssisterscan’twait,Ihaven’taskedformoneyyet. Drysnailsaredifficulttoopen Threecedartreesareplantedsidebyside,Thisoneisonlyasister,Iwanttosaysomethingtomysister.Drysnailsaredifficulttoopen. Wherearethefishnothooked? SisterwantstoloseLangLang,Takeacoldvoiceandturnback.Thefishinghookisinmyhand.Wherearethefishnothooked? Langsangfolksongsoutsidethedoor Langsangfolksongsoutsidethedoor.Thesisterwasthreefeetintheroom.Whatdidmyauntaskme?HungHomshoesdonotfit. Langsprinkledfishnetbytheriver Langsprinkledfishnetsbytheriver.Sisterwashesclothesbytheriver.LangWangjie,sisterWangLang,Thenetisscatteredonthestone. Langwhistleshouldpasstheditch Langwhistleshouldpasstheditch,Thesisterstoodbehindthestove,Iheardmybrother’swhistle,Thespatulabrushwasthrowntogether. Sistersareborn Thesisterisborn,Wearsandalsonyourfeet,Althoughwearingsandals,Stillcute. Loveforthebadguysfortwoweeks Whenwillyoucometotheindividual?ThistimeIstartedtofeelmyheart.Iwillwaitforawhile,Ilovedthebadguysfortwoweeks. Shabu-shabu InFebruary,itwasaflowerdynasty.Thetwolaughedoppositeeachother.Pullingthehandonthecar,Theshabu-shabuisonthestove. Langhitsawhistleinthemountains Langhitsawhistleinthemountains.SistertookahandinPingdi.Whatdidthemotheraskherdaughter?Iaskedhowhighthesunis. Sendthelangtothehouse Sendthelangtothehouse,Whentheheadhasredpomegranate,Thesisterwantstopickapieceforthebrothertoeat,It’shardtoloseitinyourhand. astitchtothesister'sheart It’shardtostitchwithoutaneedle.Thesisterhasnolightsintheroom.Langsentaneedlefromathousandmiles,Astitchwasstitchedtothesister'sheart. Rockheadsteppedintoalamparmpit Sister’sfrontsideslope,Iwalkedmoreandless.Ironsandalsareworn,Therockheadissteppedintoalamparmpit. Langlearnsbirdsinthemountains Langislearningbirdsinthemountains,Thesistertookthehandintheroom.Momaskedherdaughterwhattorecruit?Thewindblowsthehairmessy. Flowersdonotbloominspring Thefolksongsdon’tsing,Thegrinddoesnotpush.Sisterisnotdrunk,notdrunk,Flowersdonotbloominthespring. Sister,LangLang,goodidea Sister,LangLang,goodidea,Carryingotherstosmile.Whensomeoneelseisblack,Nottalkinginmymouth. Spinning Langboastedinthemountains,Iblewitwell.Sisterspinningcottonathome,Spinningismessy. Chesswithsister Thefirstmonthofthe21st,Playingchesswithmysister.Langwentout,mysistergotoutofthecar,Lostinthehandsofthesister. Fireburningbuffalo Burningbunnyhair,ThesisterwantstoloveLangLang.Langstudiedbirdsoutsidethedoor,Thesisterchangedthebirdsandflewin. Lookingfarawayfrommybrother Lookingattheoppositesideofthelovebrother,Thefandoesnotcovertheface.Howdifficultitisforpeopletospeaklovingwords,Pretendtoslapthewaisttopulltheshoes. Houyuanancienttree Sisterembroideredshoesintheroom,Langhitarockinthebackgarden.Whatdidthemotheraskherdaughter?Afterthepark,theoldtreesfelldry. Fullgardenflowersslowlyopen Lovesisterisnotcomingslowly,Thegroupriceisslowlysifted.Ahundredpoundsofloadslowlypick,Thegardenfullofflowersslowlyopened. LovegirlinvitesLangtocallthewind It’sgoingtorain,cloudsmove,Thehorsewantstodrinkwaterandstandupsidedown.Thecockwantstoshootthewingsfirst.ThesisterinvitesLangtocallthewind. Scaredlittlegirllostlove Sendthelangtothethatchedslope,Thepegsareoutoftheconeandweartheirfeet.Iamnotafraidoftheconewearer.Fearofthelittlegirllostlove. Langinthemountainmiddleschoolbirdcalled Lang’smiddleschoolbirdcalled,Thesistertookthehandinthegarden.Whatdidthemotheraskherdaughter?Whenthebackischicken,youcanpickupthepepper. Ihaveafewbamboos. PlantingabambooforestatthedoorofthesisterThehandclimbsthebambooandlooksatthelover.Momaskedherdaughtertolookatherthroat.Ihaveafewbamboos. Howmuchisthecoarseclothshoes? Mysistersatdownandsaidtohersister,Didnothaveshoestowearbarefeet.Mybrotheraskedmeearly.Howmanyshoesarethick. Pleaseaskthematchmakertocometomyhouse. Callingmybrother,youarestupid.Hungryoldcrowsmustc
Funny songs -
Gently push the sister's heart
Sister lights in the room,
The lamp grass is long and oily.
For the lang, turn the light stick,
Gently push the sister's heart.
Go home and miss you for a few months
Yuanwang’s sister is wearing white,
Ten fingers are like a shackle,
I pinched my claws that day.
Go home and miss you for a few months.
Sing a mountain song to tease my sister
Sing a mountain song to tease my sister,
Make a horse up the cage.
A good horse is going to be equipped with a good saddle.
Do you want to ask your sister?
Water depth self-owned ferry
Lang has a heart to come to the sister,
Even if the mountains are high and deep,
Shan Gao has a road,
The water depth has its own ferry.
Teasing and beating
Teasing, teasing,
Teasing and hitting the hook,
Affection is only for teasing,
Teasing and beating is hard to lose.
Sister does not look up, not Merry
Sing a mountain song to tease my sister,
Looking at the sister, don’t look up?
The horse looked up and did not eat grass.
Sister does not look up and does not flow.
Eyes are 眨
Picking tea from the left hand,
The right hand puts the sister in love,
I have a sigh of love, my sister’s mouth is straight,
The eyes are awkward.
Bad debt
White cloth white and white,
Today is only pleated,
Wear a love sister,
A few bad customers.
Bees go to pick flowers
Bees go to pick flowers,
Spend at the foot of the cloud,
Forty-eight days of rain,
Hiding under the flower tree.
Today’s sister can’t help
In June,
Dog days of summer,
Today’s sisters can’t wait,
I haven’t asked for money yet.
Dry snails are difficult to open
Three cedar trees are planted side by side,
This one is only a sister,
I want to say something to my sister.
Dry snails are difficult to open.
Where are the fish not hooked?
Sister wants to lose Lang Lang,
Take a cold voice and turn back.
The fishing hook is in my hand.
Where are the fish not hooked?
Lang sang folk songs outside the door
Lang sang folk songs outside the door.
The sister was three feet in the room.
What did my aunt ask me?
Hung Hom shoes do not fit.
Lang sprinkled fish net by the river
Lang sprinkled fish nets by the river.
Sister washes clothes by the river.
Lang Wangjie, sister Wang Lang,
The net is scattered on the stone.
Lang whistle should pass the ditch
Lang whistle should pass the ditch,
The sister stood behind the stove,
I heard my brother’s whistle,
The spatula brush was thrown together.
Sisters are born
The sister is born,
Wear sandals on your feet,
Although wearing sandals,
Still cute.
Love for the bad guys for two weeks
When will you come to the individual?
This time I started to feel my heart.
I will wait for a while,
I loved the bad guys for two weeks.
In February, it was a flower dynasty.
The two laughed opposite each other.
Pulling the hand on the car,
The shabu-shabu is on the stove.
Lang hits a whistle in the mountains
Lang hits a whistle in the mountains.
Sister took a hand in Pingdi.
What did the mother ask her daughter?
I asked how high the sun is.
Send the lang to the house
Send the lang to the house,
When the head has red pomegranate,
The sister wants to pick a piece for the brother to eat,
It’s hard to lose it in your hand.
a stitch to the sister's heart
It’s hard to stitch without a needle.
The sister has no lights in the room.
Lang sent a needle from a thousand miles,
A stitch was stitched to the sister's heart.
Rock head stepped into a lamp armpit
Sister’s front side slope,
I walked more and less.
Iron sandals are worn,
The rock head is stepped into a lamp armpit.
Lang learns birds in the mountains
Lang is learning birds in the mountains,
The sister took the hand in the room.
Mom asked her daughter what to recruit?
The wind blows the hair messy.
Flowers do not bloom in spring
The folk songs don’t sing,
The grind does not push.
Sister is not drunk, not drunk,
Flowers do not bloom in the spring.
Sister, Lang Lang, good idea
Sister, Lang Lang, good idea,
Carrying others to smile.
When someone else is black,
Not talking in my mouth.
Lang boasted in the mountains,
I blew it well.
Sister spinning cotton at home,
Spinning is messy.
Chess with sister
The first month of the 21st,
Playing chess with my sister.
Lang went out, my sister got out of the car,
Lost in the hands of the sister.
Fire burning buffalo
Burning bunny hair,
The sister wants to love Lang Lang.
Lang studied birds outside the door,
The sister changed the birds and flew in.
Looking far away from my brother
Looking at the opposite side of the love brother,
The fan does not cover the face.
How difficult it is for people to speak loving words,
Pretend to slap the waist to pull the shoes.
Houyuan ancient tree
Sister embroidered shoes in the room,
Lang hit a rock in the back garden.
What did the mother ask her daughter?
After the park, the old trees fell dry.
Full garden flowers slowly open
Love sister is not coming slowly,
The group rice is slowly sifted.
A hundred pounds of load slowly pick,
The garden full of flowers slowly opened.
Love girl invites Lang to call the wind
It’s going to rain, clouds move,
The horse wants to drink water and stand upside down.
The cock wants to shoot the wings first.
The sister invites Lang to call the wind.
Scared little girl lost love
Send the lang to the thatched slope,
The pegs are out of the cone and wear their feet.
I am not afraid of the cone wearer.
Fear of the little girl lost love.
Lang in the mountain middle school bird called
Lang’s middle school bird called,
The sister took the hand in the garden.
What did the mother ask her daughter?
When the back is chicken, you can pick up the pepper.
I have a few bamboos.
Planting a bamboo forest at the door of the sister
The hand climbs the bamboo and looks at the lover.
Mom asked her daughter to look at her throat.
I have a few bamboos.
How much is the coarse cloth shoes?
My sister sat down and said to her sister,
Did not have shoes to wear bare feet.
My brother asked me early.
How many shoes are thick.
Please ask the matchmaker to come to my house.
Calling my brother, you are stupid.
Hungry old crows must catch the mud.
As long as my brother has affection,
Please ask the matchmaker to come to my house.
Carrying aunt with a black touch
Seeing the sun back up,
Take a pair of shoes to send love.
My brother is not ugly,
Carrying aunt to touch the black.
Sing a mountain song to tease my sister
Sing a mountain song to tease my sister,
The steep rock wall is repaired.
Although it is a thatched road,
No light, no oil.
Pretending to pick the water
Mulberry is five feet long,
Pick up the bucket and go busy.
There is still a lot of water in the house.
Pretend to pick the water and look at the lover.
Pretending to wrap your feet
Yiny feet come to Yang,
Not waiting for Lang and so on?
Standing to wait for Lang’s gossip,
Pretend to be wrapped around your feet.
Carrying tears and ink
I owe you, you owe me,
Write a letter to send love to the brother.
When my aunt is not good at writing,
Carrying tears and ink.
Sister does not look up and wants to stay.
Sing a mountain song to keep the sister,
Looking at the sister, don’t look up?
The horse does not look up and eat the young grass.
Sister does not look up and wants to stay.
Advise love songs -
Brother Moxue ravine water
Send the lang to the house,
There is a big ditch in the head.
Brother Moxue ravine water,
Follow the ditch without looking back.
I don’t think I’m too poor.
Paulownia flowers empty tube,
I don’t think I’m too poor.
Iron hits can also be used,
Wan Guanjiacai can also be poor.
Hurt the slave’s heart
Little love brother comes to a little brother,
You can't drink cold water on the roadside.
Drinking cold water to get sick,
It hurts the slaves' hearts and nests.
Eighteen brothers are frivolous
Eighteen brothers are frivolous,
Tofu bridge is not stable.
Do not step on the bridge
The slate bridge only comes.
Each wife has his own
Eighteen brothers are frivolous,
Shake the flower tree should not.
The pigs in the temple have their own masters.
Each has his own wife.
Cut wood, cut down, red
Cut the firewood, cut down the mountain red,
Love Jiaomo love dream insects.
I don’t understand a gesture.
Pinching her face is red.
Eighteen brothers
Eighteen brothers, Mo Dang,
Others spend the tree to shake.
Someday, when people back,
Also went to court and went to jail.
I don’t have a heart
Shatian is not muddy,
There is no grass in the mountains.
There is no wine in the pot.
The sister is indifferent to the heart.
Mo Xue Ge Teng
Brother loves her sister, loves her brother,
I have a lot of heart.
Make a candle,
Mo Xue Ge Teng is half-slope.
Don’t take money for friendship
Love is also in love, love is also hot,
Don't take love for money.
Look at the grape in the mountains,
Green acid comes red sweet.
Advise the sister to sing an anti-love song
The sparrow jumped into the nest,
Advise the sister to sing an anti-love song.
Male's anti-love short-lived,
Female anti-widows and more.
Silkworms are silking in the belly
Tongzi flowers open a bell,
The two talked to Mo Lufeng.
The swallows are tight,
Silkworms are silky in the belly.
Acacia songs -
I want to be fascinated by my sister.
I want to be fascinated by my sister day and night.
Tea does not think about eating rice.
It’s hard to eat two or two meters in half a month.
The whole body is thinned into a piece of skin.
Wang Lang looked at tears
Wang Lang looked at tears,
Bow down and quietly tears.
Mother asked her daughter to cry?
The sand is coming from tears.
Small wall
a small garden, a wall,
Bitter gourd and loofah species hatchback.
Lang eats bitter gourd and thinks about her sister.
Sister eats loofah and wants Lang.
The sun comes out
The sun came out to the top of the mountain,
Two mountain tips are on the tip of the mountain.
Two thrushes are called by the mountains.
When will you wait for a cage?
Rain falling in the sky
The sky is raining and thundering,
I have a few times a day.
The mountains and valleys are concave and concave,
The roadside stone looks at the adult.
When can we reunite?
Lang is a half umbrella,
Sister is half of the umbrella.
Two half umbrellas,
When can we reunite?
I want to know how to tears
The sister is sitting at the door of the stove.
I want to think of tears flowing.
Mother asked her daughter what to cry?
Wet wood and fire smoke.
Lang wants sister to want to become sick
Lang wants to be sick, wants to be sick,
Eat the roots of the Chinese herbal medicine.
I haven’t eaten thousands of medicines.
The sister of love came to the roots.
My brother wants to stay in the house.
My brother wants to stay in the house,
Reverse the clothes and pour the shoes.
Brother, as a mother, shouted,
The water tank is used as a grinding moon rock.
I want to think about my heart.
I want to think about Lang,
I forgot to take off my clothes after taking a shower.
Taomi forgot to filter,
Feed the cows with water.
Bad street lang
The sister is born bright,
I will say that I will sing again.
Live in the mountains,
Bad to the street Lang.
Called heartache
Sorghum leaves green,
The cat is shouting spring,
Mi Mimi screams,
Called a pain in my heart.
Love sister went to the cold heart
The sun went to the mountains to yin,
The dragon king went to the mountain to collapse.
The thrush went to the mountains,
The sister went to the cold heart.
Loyalty songs -
Life is going to die, love is coming
Life is going to fall in love, love,
Even the king will stop.
Cut the foot ribs still,
Pick up the stick and come back to love.
Day in the same day
Lang is in Shashi Street,
Sister is in Parrot Island.
Although far apart,
The same day, the sun.
If you don’t lose it, you won’t lose it.
If you don’t lose it, you won’t lose it.
Drop a ditch in a stone.
The stone floats on the ground,
The stones are not lost on the float.
Three wires are generally long
The three wires are generally long.
Take a nap over the wall.
The millennium is not allowed to scatter,
I don’t want my sister to lose my life.
I don't know if there is a long flow
The roadside wells are green and green.
A well is not repaired.
The lover wants to fix it,
I don't know if there is a long flow?
Life is not lost, not dead.
Life is not lost, not dead,
Grab the mud to do the cow.
Put the cow on the green hill,
Wait for the cow to eat grass to lose.
I am not afraid of poverty.
The river is not afraid of the wind,
I am not afraid of poverty.
The ending is only good for love,
Oil-free cooking is also strong.
Cold water tea is slowly thick
Where is the hair iron not burning,
There are cotton bullets that are not velvet.
As long as the truth is true,
Cold water is slowly thickened.
To lose unless the water is back
Life is not lost, not dead,
The two are on the same floor as the Wangxiang Building.
Full of food and food,
To lose unless the water is back.
Ten fingers pointed hand climbing wall
Ten fingers pointed to climb the wall,
Both eyes look forward to the lover,
As long as my brother takes me away,
Turn over the nine beams.
a pot of cold water
When you grow vegetables in July, you will get meat.
In August, I will be the valley.
The two have a good relationship,
Cool water is a pot of wine.
爹娘 is difficult to manage
It’s hard to cut bamboo leaves,
It is difficult for a horse to walk the single-wood bridge.
It is difficult for the official to break the chores,
It’s hard to be a good friend.
One heart is to collect moon red
Little bees are born,
A wing flies into the garden.
Other flowers are unintentional,
I want to collect moon and moon red.
Bitter songs -
Live in the high waste
Live on the high wasteland,
Calling orchid smoke.
Eating hazelnuts,
To the fire of artemisia.
Enter the boss door
Going into the boss door,
A large bowl of porridge.
The scoop is two,
The waves beat the dead.
Suffering from being blamed
Only the lang suffered,
I don’t have any sweat.
A pair of sleeves smashed,
How many paulownia leaves.
The face is worn in gray
Only the lang suffered,
I didn’t have to change clothes.
In that year, sewing white sweatshirts,
The face is worn in gray.
Poor is only my poor
Poor is only my poor,
Walk up the night road without lanterns.
a pair of chopsticks, a bowl,
Which one are you looking for?
Hey, I am going upstairs, you are pumping
Oh, my coming to me,
Paper is a horse, I am riding.
The three-legged bench squats for me,
Hey, I am going upstairs and you are going to the ladder.
Love is coming soon
Love is coming,
Did not have to cover.
Pad of the shell leaf,
Covered brown pocket.
I am bitter and bitter in my family.
I am bitter and bitter in my family.
Three meals a day lazy tofu.
I am difficult and difficult at home.
A bundle of firewood is a burden.
One slope at the door
The doorway is sloped,
I am bitter, my brother,
Hard to do during the day,
It is hard to grind at night.
Bamboo tube for picking water
Poor is only my poor,
The roadside forks a shed.
Cooking rice is a broken pot.
A bamboo tube for picking water.
Rain falling in the sky
It’s raining in the sky,
Xiaolang didn't have white sweat.
I want to take off one with Lang.
The male guest does not wear a woman's clothes.
Life and death don't get a bunch
I will cry once in a while,
The eyes cried and the mung bean mold.
a pair of eyes crying,
Life and death do not get a bunch.
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