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Labor Song: Grass Drum and Gong

Ba culture
2010/04/19 16:14
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Brushdew(dew)Shoutingthedewbrushgreenleaves,Plantingcropsunderthefields.Themorningdewisbig,Dewpressure,Cutabranch,Comeandbrushthedew. Yangqueisborn(Yangtiao)Thefernisborn,Theoldforestinthemountains,Ahammerandadrum,Awingpoppedup. Hittheslave'sleg(sole)Climbupearlyinthemorning,Seethefuckingghost,abenchwiththreefeet,Hittheslave'sleg.SunriseEastOcean(LongSound)[stalk]Thesuncameouttoshineonthewhiterock,Theosmanthusabovethewhiterock,Thehorsedoesnotraisethebell,itdoesnotring.Thetreedoesnotbloominthespring,Sisterdoesnotaskforahand.[leaf]SunriseEastOcean,Graduallygoup,Xianggongridingawhitehorse,Theladywasliftedbythesedan.Whatgirlisyoung,Can'tstandthesun,acoolumbrella,Howtonotopen?acanopythatcannotbeopened,TheThoreautreecoverisin. Whitecranespreadsitswings[stalk]Thewhitecranespreadsitswings.It’ssobeautifultofly;Flyingontime,Flyingforawhile,FlytoLushan,Flowersonpeony.[leaf]Awhitecranefliesacrosstheriver.Themouthcontainsmusk,Idon’tbeatmybrother,IamXuNanhai,apillarofincense,FlytotheSouthChinaSeatoWudang.Doortree,onetreepeach(miscellaneous)atreepeachatthedoor,Ican’tbeatit,Takeofftheflowersandshakethetree.Shakeleft,shakeright,Shakethepeachdown,Peachrolls,peachesrun,Threesistersarepickingpeaches,Bigsisterpicksaredmouth,Thesecondsisterpickedupahairlesshair.Onlythethreesistersarelucky,Reachoutandpickapotofpeach. Songteacher-TanakaSingerhas(threevocals)ThereisateacherinTanaka.Whynotopen,It’snotthatLeeCityhasn’tgottenit.TherearemanysingersinTanaka.Whynotsing,Idon'twanttodrinktea. OpeningsongComefromtheeastinthemorning,Atreeonthewestsideoftheroad,Thebanyantreehasaknot,Hangingsignsunderthebanyantree,Pickupthedrumsandgodowntothefields. Ximenopened(Yangge)Ifyoudon’traiseme,youwillrise.IputtheYanggeonthestage,Dearguests,listentothedetails,Itoldthefourdoorsfromthebeginning.Whenthemorningcomes,theeastroadcomes.IsawthattheEastGatedidnotopen.Takethegoldstickandturnitaround.HittheEastGateandopenit.RenguiZhengdongonlytransferred.Whenthemorningcomes,SouthRoadcomes.Isawthatthesouthgatedidnotopen.Takethegoldstickandturnitaround.HittheSouthGateandopenit.WuhuPingnancameback.Whenthemorningcomes,theWestRoadcomes.IsawthatSimonwasnotopen.Takethegoldstickandturnitaround.HitXimen,openit,DingshanZhengxicameback.Whenthemorningcomes,theNorthRoadcomes.Isawthatthenorthgatedidnotopen.Takethegoldstickandturnitaround.HittheNorthGateandopenit.LuotongswepttheNorthbeforereturning.Comeinthemiddleofthemorning,Isawthatthemiddledoordidnotopen.Takethegoldstickandturnitaround.Hitthemiddledoorandopenit.AproductcamebackonlywhentheDPRK.Comeinthemorningwhenthemountaincomes,Themountainturnedoverthehill,Dashanhitthesongmaster,Thehillhitthesongshow,(turnbacktophonon)Comeslowlyandcomeon. Catchfivesentences (One)Sunsetwest,latewest,Putawaythesongsandcatchupwithfivesentences.Hurryupearly,offendtheLord,Catchuplate,offendtheguest,Theleftsidemustnotcometotheright.(2)Fivesongs,Iamcoming,Itookthesingeronthecar,Idon’twantyoutoplaychess,Itwasoriginallythatyourushedfivesentences. (three)Thenewboatisheadingwest,Hanginglanternsonthemast,Peoplesaythatmylanternissmall,Althoughthelanternissmall,itisJiuzhou.Friendsofthefivelakesandthesea.(4)Thenewlyhitboatendsintheeast,Hanginglanternsonthemast,Theeastwindblowsthelantern,Thewestwindblewthelanterns,Agoodsingerisempty. (Fives)Thenewhittwofaces,Getbehindtheplaningricefield,Theroadiswell-planned,Theroadiswellshot,Singlehorseswinthebattle.(6)Themouthofthesquidhairiron,Theembankmentputsthewaterinmyfield,Wearthegrasstowearyou,Takethestreettothestreet,It’snotbadtoseehimagain. (Seven)Iatesmoketoblowtheash,Iwanttosingablackfaceandfly.ZhangFei’sblackfaceisnotblack.ThereisaHuJingdeintheTangDynasty.Eventhepeopletookthehorseablack. (Eight)Pomegranatefloweringleaves,greenleaves,YuanShitianrespectsthedust,Hisapprentice,GuangChengzi,Givehimababy,Playedarealshape.(9)Chinesefirnails,coppernails,Oneheadislight,aheavyoldman,Lightone,LuDongbin,Itisnecessarytopicktwogods. Onepersonisdifficulttopickupaburden(JianGezi)Comeearly,Atreeofflowersisgoingtofight,It’slate,thankyou.Iamgoingtoshout,I’mafraidI’mnotshouting,Itisdifficultforonepersontopickupaburden.Iwillpickitup,Iwillchangeforyoutotakeabreak.Itisdifficultforonepersontopickupalotofiron. Theskyhasstartedtocloud(wearingthenumber)[stalk]Theskyisup,Cometotheground,Hittheumbrella,Findyourmother'ssoul.[leaf]Coolumbrella,purplebamboo,Thetortoisecrawledunderthelotusleaf,Callthetortoisetogofaster,Callthetortoisetoclimbfaster,Don'ttanningthevest. Drymouthtodrinktea(liftfourtimes)Afterthehouse,agarden,Knowingtoclimbup,Climbupforawhile,Climbdownforawhile,Knowingshouting,Drymouthisdrinkingtea. abranchatthedoor(miscellaneous)Thereisabranchatthedoor,Thereisahighheight,Longintheeasttocoverthesun,Growinginthewesttocoverthemoon,Longinthesouthtocoverthebluegrass,Longinthenorthtocoverthelotus,Nineplatesandthirteencavities,Whattosingwithyou. Makingtea,cooking,andcookingThesunishigh,Makingteaandcooking.Halfaday,theparrotiscalledinthecloud.Callingmyauntisquicker.Thegrasshasstarted,Asmashingwaist,Myauntisgoingtopullagain.It’sokay,Aun
 Brush dew (dew)
Shouting the dew brush green leaves,
Planting crops under the fields.
The morning dew is big,
Dew pressure,
Cut a branch,
Come and brush the dew.
Yangque is born (Yangtiao)
The fern is born,
The old forest in the mountains,
A hammer and a drum,
A wing popped up.
Hit the slave's leg (sole)
Climb up early in the morning,
See the fucking ghost,
a bench with three feet,
Hit the slave's leg.
Sunrise East Ocean (Long Sound)
The sun came out to shine on the white rock,
The osmanthus above the white rock,
The horse does not raise the bell, it does not ring.
The tree does not bloom in the spring,
Sister does not ask for a hand.
Sunrise East Ocean,
Gradually go up,
Xianggong riding a white horse,
The lady was lifted by the sedan.
What girl is young,
Can't stand the sun,
a cool umbrella,
How to not open?
a canopy that cannot be opened,
The Thoreau tree cover is in.
White crane spreads its wings
The white crane spreads its wings.
It’s so beautiful to fly;
Flying on time,
Flying for a while,
Fly to Lushan,
Flowers on peony.
A white crane flies across the river.
The mouth contains musk,
I don’t beat my brother,
I am Xu Nanhai, a pillar of incense,
Fly to the South China Sea to Wudang.
Door tree, one tree peach (miscellaneous)
a tree peach at the door,
I can’t beat it,
Take off the flowers and shake the tree.
Shake left, shake right,
Shake the peach down,
Peach rolls, peaches run,
Three sisters are picking peaches,
Big sister picks a red mouth,
The second sister picked up a hairless hair.
Only the three sisters are lucky,
Reach out and pick a pot of peach.
Song teacher -
Tanaka Singer has (three vocals)
There is a teacher in Tanaka.
Why not open,
It’s not that Lee City hasn’t gotten it.
There are many singers in Tanaka.
Why not sing,
I don't want to drink tea.
Opening song
Come from the east in the morning,
A tree on the west side of the road,
The banyan tree has a knot,
Hanging signs under the banyan tree,
Pick up the drums and go down to the fields.
Ximen opened (Yangge)
If you don’t raise me, you will rise.
I put the Yangge on the stage,
Dear guests, listen to the details,
I told the four doors from the beginning.
When the morning comes, the east road comes.
I saw that the East Gate did not open.
Take the gold stick and turn it around.
Hit the East Gate and open it.
Rengui Zhengdong only transferred.
When the morning comes, South Road comes.
I saw that the south gate did not open.
Take the gold stick and turn it around.
Hit the South Gate and open it.
Wuhu Pingnan came back.
When the morning comes, the West Road comes.
I saw that Simon was not open.
Take the gold stick and turn it around.
Hit Ximen, open it,
Dingshan Zhengxi came back.
When the morning comes, the North Road comes.
I saw that the north gate did not open.
Take the gold stick and turn it around.
Hit the North Gate and open it.
Luotong swept the North before returning.
Come in the middle of the morning,
I saw that the middle door did not open.
Take the gold stick and turn it around.
Hit the middle door and open it.
A product came back only when the DPRK.
Come in the morning when the mountain comes,
The mountain turned over the hill,
Dashan hit the song master,
The hill hit the song show,
(turn back to phonon)
Come slowly and come on.
Catch five sentences
Sunset west, late west,
Put away the songs and catch up with five sentences.
Hurry up early, offend the Lord,
Catch up late, offend the guest,
The left side must not come to the right.
Five songs, I am coming,
I took the singer on the car,
I don’t want you to play chess,
It was originally that you rushed five sentences.
The new boat is heading west,
Hanging lanterns on the mast,
People say that my lantern is small,
Although the lantern is small, it is Jiuzhou.
Friends of the five lakes and the sea.
The newly hit boat ends in the east,
Hanging lanterns on the mast,
The east wind blows the lantern,
The west wind blew the lanterns,
A good singer is empty.
The new hit two faces,
Get behind the planing rice field,
The road is well-planned,
The road is well shot,
Single horses win the battle.
The mouth of the squid hair iron,
The embankment puts the water in my field,
Wear the grass to wear you,
Take the street to the street,
It’s not bad to see him again.
I ate smoke to blow the ash,
I want to sing a black face and fly.
Zhang Fei’s black face is not black.
There is a Hu Jingde in the Tang Dynasty.
Even the people took the horse a black.
Pomegranate flowering leaves, green leaves,
Yuan Shitian respects the dust,
His apprentice, Guang Chengzi,
Give him a baby,
Played a real shape.
Chinese fir nails, copper nails,
One head is light,
a heavy old man,
Light one, Lu Dongbin,
It is necessary to pick two gods.
One person is difficult to pick up a burden (Jian Gezi)
Come early,
A tree of flowers is going to fight,
It’s late, thank you.
I am going to shout,
I’m afraid I’m not shouting,
It is difficult for one person to pick up a burden.
I will pick it up,
I will change for you to take a break.
It is difficult for one person to pick up a lot of iron.
The sky has started to cloud (wearing the number)
The sky is up,
Come to the ground,
Hit the umbrella,
Find your mother's soul.
Cool umbrella, purple bamboo,
The tortoise crawled under the lotus leaf,
Call the tortoise to go faster,
Call the tortoise to climb faster,
Don't tanning the vest.
Dry mouth to drink tea (lift four times)
After the house, a garden,
Knowing to climb up,
Climb up for a while,
Climb down for a while,
Knowing shouting,
Dry mouth is drinking tea.
a branch at the door (miscellaneous)
There is a branch at the door,
There is a high height,
Long in the east to cover the sun,
Growing in the west to cover the moon,
Long in the south to cover the bluegrass,
Long in the north to cover the lotus,
Nine plates and thirteen cavities,
What to sing with you.
Making tea, cooking, and cooking
The sun is high,
Making tea and cooking.
Half a day, the parrot is called in the cloud.
Calling my aunt is quicker.
The grass has started,
A smashing waist,
My aunt is going to pull again.
It’s okay,
Aunt is not happy,
With a belt and a belt,
Rice in the pot,
I want to burn wood in the stove.
Calling my sister,
Making tea and cooking.
Why bother to eat?
(single wear - loose number)
Riding a donkey and carrying a bundle of firewood,
The scorpion doesn’t go slowly,
Life is also awkward, death is also awkward,
One took two out.
When the sun is over,
The stomach is a little hungry,
The guests worship,
Worship Dong Jun,
Still not hungry?
Why bother to eat?
One hungry two
(scatter five sentences)
The sun is at the top of the day,
Blue smoke on the roof of the tile house,
Picking water in Dongting Lake,
On the top of the mountain, put the firewood,
One is hungry for two.
Larger racks of fire (four phonons)
When the sun is over,
The stomach is a little hungry,
Worship the fire,
The big ones put the fire.
The second sister sent tea to Tanaka (in the afternoon)
Time passed by noon,
The second sister sent tea to Tanaka.
Break the lotus bowl,
Beat the fine tea.
"Spin your line to make your shoes,
Which one wants you to send tea? ”
"I don't come, I won't come,
It was my mother-in-law who asked me to deliver food. ”
The sun is under the rock (echo)
The sun went down,
The drums are on the waist,
Work early today,
Come early tomorrow.
Collecting songs
The sun fell,
The guests have to go home,
Worship the drumming master,
Done a drum earlier.
The sun went down,
锣 吆 吆 吆 ,
Work early today,
Come early tomorrow.
Tomorrow is in someone else's home (brake cavity)
Good drums (children) don’t fight,
Good songs (children) don’t sing,
Girls, hoes,
Grandpa, back sister,
Let's go to work,
Go home and sweat,
I am at someone else's house tomorrow.
  farm work--
Do not put the wilderness in the field (four clothes)
I advise the little lover,
Do not learn to sleep in bed,
As early as three days, it was a light.
Do not put the wilderness in the field.
Mang song
Mang is busy with busy species,
Mang did not have time,
Yellow grain screams to harvest,
He Miao yelled to the soil,
I yelled at the son to use it.
Grab the seeds and grab the seeds
Qingming Valley rain is good,
Lixia Xiaoman is busy with the whole field.
Grab the seeds and grab the seeds,
Mang type fires the night.
Summer solstice is planted in the morning and evening,
Mistaken season can not catch up.
稗子光光秧毛 (pair of phonons)
Let’s take a look at the seedlings.
I don’t want to ask my sister to teach,
Sister said that Xiao Lang should fight 10,000.
The light of the scorpion is light.
Looking at crops
Cool umbrella, purple bamboo,
The girl squats and looks at the crops.
Dry the mouth in the upper pier,
I squatted in the lower pier.
This year's annual success is not allowed.
Advise farmers -
Do not grow grain, wheat, no food
Don’t grow grain, don’t get food,
No cotton, no clothes,
Don't feed pigs and sheep without meat,
A season of starving.
Will eat and wear in the province of the house,
The warm days are like honey,
It’s lazy to be a bad guy,
Wan Guanjia also lost.
Advise you to farm and play clods
It’s hard to sing a song.
Cherry is hard to plant,
Business is hard to do,
Advise you to farm and play the clods.
Advise Lang to farm
The first month is the new year.
Advise Lang to farm,
Farming, playing with flower lights,
Fifteen years old.
February is the flower dynasty,
Advise Lang to run the dung grass,
The manure has more fertilizer,
The crops are growing well.
March is Qingming,
Seeds should be spread evenly,
The bandits are too big to be born,
Uneven birth.
April is the summer,
The grass is going to be jealous,
Advise Lang Lang to break the seedlings,
Do not rub the grass.
May is Duanyang,
Advise Lang to get up early,
Three beds are a job,
The road is getting loose.
June is three volts,
Three grasses are bitter,
Persuaded Lang to smash the drums,
Eat cigarettes to tighten.
July is half a month,
Advise Lang to shoot the field,
Don't be busy early in the shoot.
Weaving baskets when it rains.
August is the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Millet got to the hand,
I advised Lang to go to the field in the morning and evening.
Call the robbers to steal.
September is Chongyang,
The millet went up,
Advise Lang to buy the lock,
It’s more stable.
It was frosted in October.
Pomelo should be planted,
Advise a variety of peas and wheat,
It is better to get rid of the next year.
Yangque, surnamed Yang
Yangque is surnamed Yang,
Fly on the poplar,
Even shouted three times, Yang
Called the sorghum.
Daughter -
The new round bowl is round and round (washing cavity)
The new copper basin is round and round.
Mei Xiang hits the water to wash her face.
Auntie came to wash her face,
Busy to roll the sleeves,
Ten fingers pointed to the service,
Oh, it’s a day,
Wash well fresh.
The sun comes out to shine on the white rock (washing face)
The sun came out to shine on the white rock,
According to the official washstand,
The official lady came to wash her face,
Ten fingers pointed at the face,
A pair of 丫 ring to send powder.
The sun is coming out of the green,
See the official washbasin,
Ten fingers pointed white powder,
Wipe the rouge and lips.
Dew god (dew water)
When the morning comes, the dew god,
Wet 幺 girl Lai Luo skirt.
Come early in the morning,
Pedal dew,
The dew bells crossed the South China Sea.
It is necessary to hit thousands of waves.
Xiang Erjie, come early,
Handrails over the Golden Bridge.
When the morning comes, the dew god,
Wet 幺 girl Lai Luo skirt,
The green robes are fading,
The scented scented bag must not be worn.
Dew wet clothes and shoes (dew)
Dew dripping,
Wet clothes and shoes.
Come early in the morning,
Wet slaves and embroidered shoes.
It’s OK to wet shoes.
Wet flowers are fading,
Wet the wrap and wash the feet,
Wet sweatshirts can’t be worn,
The upper body is wet and red,
The lower body is wet with a wet skirt.
Dew dripping,
Wet clothes and shoes.
Mei Xiang Girl (Oriental Bright)
The girl is called Mei Xiang.
Look up at the East,
You are not bright in the east.
Mei Xiang called the girl,
Get up and make up,
Pack up and go to see Lang.
Mei Xiang got up early,
Handcuffed door latch,
A glimpse of the East is not bright.
The former comb is now clawed,
After the comb, the tiger turned over,
Combing the boy to worship the Guanyin.
The head is combed,
The mouth is called Mei Xiangyu,
The head is combed well.
The head combed well,
Unfortunately, it’s a shame,
Take a handful of gold squats.
The head is combing,
Unfortunately, a little embarrassing,
Don't come over with gold.
The head is combed,
Take off the field,
Not the first and the first.
Full House Orchid (Oriental Bright)
Early in the morning,
Oriental bright,
Aunt Gu is still in the red account,
Comb, scorpion,
Scorpion, comb,
Two golden flowers,
Two pairs of silver flowers,
For a moment, the embroidery room,
Full house orchid incense.
Huai Chun -
Mistaken slaves 18 (wearing the number)
a tree of cherry flowers,
Open at the foot of the rock,
Bees don’t come,
Open a tree flower.
A sister walks through the flowers,
Crying and crying back to her family,
Mother asked her daughter what to cry,
Husband is a young man,
I have lost one of the slaves.
The sun comes out and the flowers are flowers (comb head)
a bowl of oil in the hand,
The head is combed.
The sun comes out and flowers,
Seeing the girl combing her hair,
The girl’s hair is combed,
Take the mirror and take the photo.
a bunch of eyebrows are bent,
The face of the girl is beautiful.
Ten embroidered purse (Yangge)
An embroidered purse to send the lover,
To embroider the hippocampus and the fern,
In the morning, there are frogs,
Blackbird has a seahorse,
This is sent by the sister.
Two embroidered purses to send the lover,
One foot and two feet,
The clothes line is embroidered two or three times.
Cotton is embroidered three or four bags,
The purse is a small effort.
Three embroidered purses, three yarns,
Love brother came and gave it to him.
Brother saw no
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