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  Folk Customs  

Changyang Tujia Autonomous County has a long history and a cultural heritage.
Known as the hometown of Chinese folk art.


Funeral song

Ba culture
2010/04/19 16:18
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-leaping Opening(fourbigsteps)Pleasecomeout,pleasecomeout,Pleasecomeoutwithapairofsingers.Playbetter,jumpalittle,Donotjumpinthewrongsteps.It’sOKtocallthewrongnumber.Makeawrongstepandsayfunny,HaoHanMoandotherssawit.Youaretheopponenttocomeonthecourt.Jumpup,congratulate,Useanaxetocutwood,Goodfirewooddoesn'tneedtobebeaten,Anaxefallstwoopen,Youaretheopponenttocomeon.Ifyoudon'tcome,IwillcomeIfyoudon'tcome,Iwillcome.Evenifthemountainissteep,ShanGaohasaroad,Thewaterisdeepintheboat,Nomother'sbabycares.JumpingforanightoffuneralIheardthefuneralinthemiddleofthenight.Whetherthesouthisthenorth,YouaretheSouth,Iamgoing,Youarethenorth,Iwanttodoit,Ican'taffordtofu,Ican'taffordit.Playanightoffuneraldrumstosendpeople.DecemberInthefirstmonth,noflowers,FlowerswillonlybloominFebruary.InMarch,Qingminghangswhitepaper,NoseedlingswereplantedinApril.TheMayDragonBoatwasdraggedintothewater.InJune,thefancamearoundthewind.ThereisanindigomeetinginJuly.InAugust,theoriolefliessouth,InSeptember,Chongyangmadegoodwine.InOctober,thegingerwomansentclothes,Thewintermonthsaresnowing,Thelunarmooncan'tbeopened.Can'topenit,openit,Openthelingerandreverseit.Change[风风雪]Thisnumberdoesnotcallit,Pressitunderthedrum,Thisnumberhastobechanged,Changethewindtoclipthewind.Windclipper,snowfrost,Jumpingtomourntojumpadozen.Thismountainlooksatthemountainhigh(幺姑子姐)Call:Thismountainlookslikethat,themountainishigh,hello!Pickup:(幺Wow,mysister,I’mfeeding,Ohwow,mysister,Ifeed.)Call:Lookat(a)thatmountain(yes)Pickup:(Sister'sOh,yeah)Call:Goodthatchwow(幺的姑儿姐呀),Pickup:(Sister’sOh,yeah),Goodthatchedwow(幺的幺儿姐)Cuttinggrassisalsoaknife,I’mgoingtohaveamouthful,StandingtosaythatIcansleep.Thismountainlooksdowntothemountain,Lookingatthemountain,Eatricewithoutfarming,Wearadresswithoutplantingflowers,AsingleHanisabeautifulwife.Onepersonisdifficulttopickup(tothefork)Changepeople,changepeople,It’shardtopickaburdenforoneperson.Learnpeople,learnpeople,Whatabouttheforks?IamgoingtochangeIwillchange,Iwillchange,Thesingersjumpedsweatandsweated.Iwillpickitup,Iwillpickitup.Iamtakingabreaknexttothesinger.BurlapwashfacemeetingIreceivedthedrumhammerandlickedit.Idon'tknowifyouareasenior,youareajunior.Youareaseniorwhooffendedyou,Youareasinoftheyoungergeneration,Thelinenwashisthick(initial)meeting.Wanttoplaythreesixeighteen(rollingaround)Assoonasyouenterthedoortopickupthedrums,Toplaythreesixeighteen,Adozendeadpeoplegotoseekimmortality,TwodozenDanChengintoJiulian,SanDadongChinesesideonthe7th,Forthousandsofyearsintheworld,Fivedozensoffivepartiesandfiveemperors,SixhitsHenanandShanxi,Sevendozenheavenlysisters,EightdozensofEightImmortalscrossedthesea,NinedozensofYellowRiverJiutouWater,Tendozensofpeoplecontrolthepeople.Changetojump(幺哩儿荷)Thisnumberdoesnotcallit,Pressitunderthedrum,Thisnumberhastochangeitsfeet.Changeyourfeettojump.Doubleworshiphall(虎抱头)Call:Tigerhug(wow)head(wowfeed)![Livejumping,Hoye?]Pickup:liveyeah,liveyeah,Iwanttojumpandlive!Call:DoubleChapelPickup:liveyeah,liveyeah,Tojump,live,Called:Phoenixspreadswings...Connect:(repeatedthepreviousparagraph)(thefollowingwordsareomitted)Ancienttreepacking,Rhinoceroslookingatthemoon,Oldmancart,Lazymother,sunburn,Touchyourearstwice,Assshottwotimes,Sievesscreenmoney,簸箕腾云,Thebroomisahorse.Notbusywithnoshackles(fourbigsteps)Thisnumberdoesnotcallit,Taketheotheronesup,Therearesomeclevernessinthefuneralfield.Blushingeyes,Nohustleandbustle.Thesisterisbornwithawhiteface.Eyebrowsarebentblack,Eyebrowsbendanddrinkwell,Theeyesareblackandgreedy,Noonecansleepatnight.OnlyforthelovebrotherhasretiredThebrothersaidthatitisblacktonight,Iopenedthedooropen,Waitinguntilthemiddleofthenighttofallasleep,Iknowthattherobberstouchedin,Onlyforthelovebrotherretired.FishingsisteronlyhasaheadbackTheoldwowisawow,Thesisterisonlydifficulttoreturntothehead.Ifyouareplayingdrumsinyourheart,Thefaceislikeafire,Itseemstobeabadshipunderthesteepbeach.Playadumbmystery,guess[Mutemystery]Thisnumberhastobechanged.Changethetonetocallthe"dumbmystery".Call:(Yahah,haha,Yeah,too,)Playadumbmystery,guessit.(Yahah,too.)Answer:(Repeatthefirstsentence,thelattersentenceischangedtoyouputthedumbmystery,thewordsused)Call:(Yahah,haha,Yeah,too,)Whereisthefireinthericefield?(Yahah,too?)?Answer:(Yahah,yeah,yeah,also,)Thefireinthericefieldistheburningoftheping(Yahahah).Q:Whereisthelineacrosstheriver?A:Thelineacrosstheriverislongyarn.(sand)Q:Whereisthefloodonthehorizon?A:Thefloodingonthehorizonisfaraway.(flooded)Q:Whereisthesplashingwaterinthefire?A:ThewatersplashinginthefireisAnhui.(overlay)Q:Whereistheenvelopeopening?A:Theenvelopeopeningisopen.Q:Whereistheheadofthebluecloth?A:TheheadoftheblueclothisNanjing.(bluetowel)Q:Whereisthenewclothestowear?A:ThenewclothestowearareSichuan.(Tryon)Question:Whereisthehorsefart?A:ThehorseisfartisYidu.(一嘟)Q:Whereisthesandsquid?A:ShaNiu'surineisYichang.Thefirstmonthofthesachetbegan[shakefuneral](alsocalledincensebag)Slowlybeatthedrumsslowly,It’slikeadog’smagazine,Changeandthenchangethetone,Changethetonetoscream.Thefirstmonthofthesachetbegan.Toembroiderthelionrollinghydrangea,Hydrangearol
- leaping
(four big steps)
Please come out, please come out,
Please come out with a pair of singers.
Play better, jump a little,
Do not jump in the wrong steps.
It’s OK to call the wrong number.
Make a wrong step and say funny,
Hao Han Mo and others saw it.
You are the opponent to come on the court.
Jump up, congratulate,
Use an axe to cut wood,
Good firewood doesn't need to be beaten,
An axe falls two open,
You are the opponent to come on.
If you don't come, I will come
If you don't come, I will come.
Even if the mountain is steep,
Shan Gao has a road,
The water is deep in the boat,
No mother's baby cares.
Jumping for a night of funeral
I heard the funeral in the middle of the night.
Whether the south is the north,
You are the South, I am going,
You are the north, I want to do it,
I can't afford tofu, I can't afford it.
Play a night of funeral drums to send people.
In the first month, no flowers,
Flowers will only bloom in February.
In March, Qingming hangs white paper,
No seedlings were planted in April.
The May Dragon Boat was dragged into the water.
In June, the fan came around the wind.
There is an indigo meeting in July.
In August, the oriole flies south,
In September, Chongyang made good wine.
In October, the ginger woman sent clothes,
The winter months are snowing,
The lunar moon can't be opened.
Can't open it, open it,
Open the linger and reverse it.
This number does not call it,
Press it under the drum,
This number has to be changed,
Change the wind to clip the wind.
Wind clipper, snow frost,
Jumping to mourn to jump a dozen.
This mountain looks at the mountain high
Call: This mountain looks like that, the mountain is high, hello!
Pick up: (幺Wow, my sister, I’m feeding,
Oh wow, my sister, I feed.)
Call: Look at (a) that mountain (yes)
Pick up: (Sister's Oh, yeah)
Call: Good thatch wow
Pick up: (Sister’s Oh, yeah),
Good thatched wow (幺的幺儿姐)
Cutting grass is also a knife,
I’m going to have a mouthful,
Standing to say that I can sleep.
This mountain looks down to the mountain,
Looking at the mountain,
Eat rice without farming,
Wear a dress without planting flowers,
A single Han is a beautiful wife.
One person is difficult to pick up
(to the fork)
Change people, change people,
It’s hard to pick a burden for one person.
Learn people, learn people,
What about the forks?
I am going to change
I will change, I will change,
The singers jumped sweat and sweated.
I will pick it up, I will pick it up.
I am taking a break next to the singer.
Burlap wash face meeting
I received the drum hammer and licked it.
I don't know if you are a senior, you are a junior.
You are a senior who offended you,
You are a sin of the younger generation,
The linen wash is thick (initial) meeting.
Want to play three six eighteen
(rolling around)
As soon as you enter the door to pick up the drums,
To play three six eighteen,
A dozen dead people go to seek immortality,
Two dozen Dan Cheng into Jiulian,
San Dadong Chinese side on the 7th,
For thousands of years in the world,
Five dozens of five parties and five emperors,
Six hits Henan and Shanxi,
Seven dozen heavenly sisters,
Eight dozens of Eight Immortals crossed the sea,
Nine dozens of Yellow River Jiutou Water,
Ten dozens of people control the people.
Change to jump
This number does not call it,
Press it under the drum,
This number has to change its feet.
Change your feet to jump.
Double worship hall
Call: Tiger hug (wow) head (wow feed)!
[Live jumping, Hoye? ]
Pick up: live yeah, live yeah,
I want to jump and live!
Call: Double Chapel
Pick up: live yeah, live yeah,
To jump, live,
Called: Phoenix spreads wings...
Connect: (repeated the previous paragraph) (the following words are omitted)
Ancient tree packing,
Rhinoceros looking at the moon,
Old man cart,
Lazy mother, sunburn,
Touch your ears twice,
Ass shot two times,
Sieves screen money,
The broom is a horse.
Not busy with no shackles
(four big steps)
This number does not call it,
Take the other ones up,
There are some cleverness in the funeral field.
Blushing eyes,
No hustle and bustle.
The sister is born with a white face.
Eyebrows are bent black,
Eyebrows bend and drink well,
The eyes are black and greedy,
No one can sleep at night.
Only for the love brother has retired
The brother said that it is black tonight,
I opened the door open,
Waiting until the middle of the night to fall asleep,
I know that the robbers touched in,
Only for the love brother retired.
Fishing sister only has a head back
The old wow is a wow,
The sister is only difficult to return to the head.
If you are playing drums in your heart,
The face is like a fire,
It seems to be a bad ship under the steep beach.
Play a dumb mystery, guess
[Mute mystery]
This number has to be changed.
Change the tone to call the "dumb mystery".
Call: (Yahah, haha,
Yeah, too,)
Play a dumb mystery, guess it.
(Yahah, too.)
Answer: (Repeat the first sentence, the latter sentence is changed to you put the dumb mystery, the words used)
Call: (Yahah, haha,
Yeah, too,)
Where is the fire in the rice field? (Yahah, too?)?
Answer: (Yahah, yeah, yeah, also,)
The fire in the rice field is the burning of the ping (Yahahah).
Q: Where is the line across the river?
A: The line across the river is long yarn. (sand)
Q: Where is the flood on the horizon?
A: The flooding on the horizon is far away. (flooded)
Q: Where is the splashing water in the fire?
A: The water splashing in the fire is Anhui. (overlay)
Q: Where is the envelope opening?
A: The envelope opening is open.
Q: Where is the head of the blue cloth?
A: The head of the blue cloth is Nanjing. (blue towel)
Q: Where is the new clothes to wear?
A: The new clothes to wear are Sichuan. (Try on)
Question: Where is the horse fart?
A: The horse is fart is Yidu. (一嘟)
Q: Where is the sand squid?
A: Sha Niu's urine is Yichang.
The first month of the sachet began
[shake funeral] (also called incense bag)
Slowly beat the drums slowly,
It’s like a dog’s magazine,
Change and then change the tone,
Change the tone to scream.
The first month of the sachet began.
To embroider the lion rolling hydrangea,
Hydrangea rolls in Lang’s arms,
Lang and happy sister are jealous.
February sachets must be played,
To embroider a black horse,
Thirty-two silver is not sold,
I want to stay with Xiaolang.
March sachet three yellow,
The copper basin hits the moon,
Please worship Liu Zhiyuan,
I can't do the official to return home.
April sachet four guns,
Embroidered musk in the four corners,
Going to the street to the street,
How many young people love bad.
May sachet five o'clock green,
The sachet is embroidered from Dongting Lake.
I made a fragrant bag last year,
I don't know what happened this year.
June sachet is hot and hard,
The sachet is embroidered on a sweat towel.
Pull the sweat towel to wash your face,
The sweat towel wiped the face.
A few needles in the sachet in July,
Not embroidered for seven days and seven nights,
Embroidered people see during the day,
Embroidering lights at night.
Eight scented sachets in August,
Embroidered in the embroidered gantry,
Embroidered inside and jute,
The sesame seeds are embroidered outside.
September fragrant bag nine red,
To embroider the nine dragons in the sky,
Nine dragons come to take a shower,
Dried peony flowers.
The embroidered bag was finished in October.
Red paper bag thrown outside the wall,
A sentimental brother, you see,
The ruthless brother you are fishing.
Pregnant song
[to be dead]
To change the tone, it is necessary to change the tone.
Change the tone to call something else,
Change the foot and change the foot and change the foot.
Change your feet and jump two songs.
The first month of pregnancy,
The slaves don’t know the sound,
The duckweed on the water is not rooted.
Pregnant in February,
I can’t sleep at all times.
The newly picked daughter-in-law is thin.
March 3, pregnant,
Tea is not sticky,
I only want to play in the red account.
Pregnant on April 8th,
Worship your mother and mother,
Feed the chickens less and feed the ducks.
Pregnant on May 5,
Really suffering,
I only want wheat to be cooked.
Pregnant in June,
I really want to,
Only blame the swell of love.
Pregnant in July and a half,
Pull the nails,
It’s still two and a half months.
Pregnant on August 8th,
Burning the Buddha,
Bless the slaves to get a donkey.
Pregnant on September 9,
Really ugly,
The child hit a head in the abdomen.
Pregnant in October,
Something hurts,
That is the baby in the belly.
Husband, you go away,
Mom, you are coming together,
It’s a man or a woman.
The doll fell to the ground,
Full house is happy,
Put away the baggage to report hi.
Mother and son to sieve tea,
Say something swearing,
There are two aunts in the baby's aunt.
Ten dream song
[Four big steps, rolling body, running funeral, belt]
Mo Lengtai, Mo Lengtai,
The first class went to the second class.
Tap gently, knock gently,
I will tell you ten dreams;
Going to the horse on a dream wall.
The second dream is dry and deep.
Three dreams, white tigers sit in the hall,
Four nightmare drums are heavy,
Umbrella in front of the Five Dreams,
Six dreams open the door of the sister,
Twelve Dream Steel Knives,
Twelve roots of eight dreams,
After the nine dreams, Song Song,
Ten dreams of the boat.
Tap gently, knock gently,
I will listen to you in ten dreams.
Going to the horse on a dream wall,
The horse race on the wall is a god man.
The second dream is deep and deep,
The dry well is a cornucopia.
Three dreams, white tigers sit in the hall,
When the church is sitting on the temple,
Four nightmare drums are heavy,
Love is a lively person in life,
Umbrella in front of the Five Dreams,
Two days in front of the church,
Six dreams open the door of the sister,
Pushing open the door to make a good relationship,
Twelve Dream Steel Knives,
Put all the guards,
Twelve roots of eight dreams,
The roots are all bundled demon ropes.
After the nine dreams, Song Song,
Song Berlin is a good practice,
Ten days in the storm, the boat,
The boat in the waves is capable.
Tap gently, knock gently,
Let’s listen to the ten dreams again.
Going to the horse on a dream wall,
Undead Malay is going to die.
The second dream is deep and deep,
The dry well is a victim pit.
Three dreams, white tigers sit in the hall,
White Tiger is going to bite people.
Four nightmare drums are heavy,
One by one, the drum is sent out.
Umbrella in front of the Five Dreams,
In front of the church, an umbrella is used to cover the soul.
Six dreams pushed the sister’s room,
It is not the prison gate.
Twelve Dream Steel Knives,
Putting it all is to cut the body.
Twelve roots of eight dreams,
The roots are all tied up.
After the nine dreams, Song Berlin,
There is a good grave in Songlin.
Ten days in the storm, the boat,
The boat in the waves drowned people.
This number has been changed again.
The change made another five sentences:
Five songs, only five sentences,
It’s got a good day.
God is the scorpion,
The next place is the shuttle in the clouds.
This is a five-sentence song.
Five sentences, I started,
The carpenter is hard to get up,
It is difficult for stonemasons to fight stone lions.
The blacksmith is afraid of playing iron hydrangeas.
Yan Gu is afraid of embroidered pillows.
Bamen station that won’t jump,
The eyes are like eggs,
Shouting in the kitchen,
The stomach is swollen like a tank,
Losing him is still a man!
- sitting on the funeral drum
Opening song (1)
Riji Shiliang,
The world opens,
The dead are rising,
Parked in the middle hall.
Cleaning the front of the hall,
Baoxiang furnace,
Each teacher sits on both sides,
Stop the yellow in the middle.
I heard the drums in the sky,
The wind blows the jade furnace.
A purple cloud from the east,
Sunshine shines on the hall.
The soul-inducing boy is wearing a yellow body.
Hand hold Hua Yu to Xiao Tang,
Why did the boy come here?
Pick up the dead to heaven.
The dead are swaying,
As the boy sees the Jade Emperor.
Jade Emperor opened the golden mouth,
Respect for the dead and listen to Duan Xiang:
Since returning to heaven today,
Eternal life does not fall into the dusty town,
There are gossips in the sky,
There are five parties in the underground;
Spring has peach blossoms in March,
There are lotus ponds in the summer,
In the autumn, there is a chrysanthemum
Winter has a snowflake inside the village,
Open a long, deeper night,
Open a short one without getting dawn,
It’s not long or short,
The compensation is new.
Open the world,
Second day, the sun and the moon,
Three open three official places,
Four open towns of the county,
Five open Leigong Leimu,
Six open lightning goddesses,
Seven heavens and seven sisters,
Eight open eight King Kong,
Nine open nine days of mysterious girl,
Ten open ten temples and kings.
Filial piety,
Don't have to be sad,
Listen to me and say something like it.
King Han Wang and Song Wang,
Not in the world today,
Wen Wangwu and Yu Wang,
Everyone rushes to death;
Xue Rengui, Fu Tang Wang,
The Western War in the East, the South to the North,
By Dingshan, an arrow,
Shooted at the White Tiger.
Where are the drums coming from?
Where is the singer?
Yangzhou’s melody,
The singer of Liuzhou,
What kind of scenery does the dry road come to see?
What does the waterway look like?
Eighty-year-old man,
Waist bow,
Back daughter-in-law
Shoulder to shoulder,
Carrying a basket,
Shoulder picking a burden is a lullaby,
Carrying a basket is an eyebrow.
How is the Yanque?
How is your eyebrows?
Yanque yelled "Turning the Mid-Autumn Festival" when he called "Crazy".
Opening (2)
The world opens,
Riji Shiliang,
Gold is falling,
Big hair and big release.
In the east, a cloud rises,
A purple cloud in the west,
Ray is playing in the head,
Lightning shines,
There are gossips,
There are five parties in the land,
People have three souls and seven souls.
The ghost has a light.
Every song teacher please sit down,
Listen to my foolish opening songs.
Open a long,
Deeper at night,
Open a short,
Don't get dawn,
It’s not long or short,
Not short or short,
Just mixed into the dawn.
Opening (3)
Opening opening,
Riji Chenliang,
The dead are ascending to heaven,
Parked in the middle hall;
Dear singers,
Came to Xiaotang,
Please sit down,
Listen to me for a short time;
Where are you from the drummer?
Where are you from the singer?
The drummer from Leizhou,
Yang Lang’s singer;
How do the drummers from Leizhou fight?
How do you sing the songs of Yangzhou?
Leizhou drummer,
The golden drums won the winter and the winter was shocked.
Yang Lang’s singer,
The singing voice shouted and screamed at the phoenix;
Leizhou drummer,
Yangzhou’s singer,
Gathering Xiaotang at home,
Listen to me to open a song field:
I don’t open short,
I don’t open it,
It’s not long or short,
Accompanied by the dead to the sky;
One open east, oriental Amethyst,
Generations of grandchildren sit in the handsome hall,
Second Kainan, South Bing Dinghuo,
Generations of children and grandchildren,
Three Kaixi, West Geng Xinjin,
Generations of children and grandchildren accompanying the king;
Four open north, north of the water,
On behalf of the children, Sun Baohuang;
In the fifth opening, the Chinese side has its own land,
Generations of children and grandchildren.
I am so confused that I panic.
Born to a long, long hair
I grabbed a song,
Opened a song field,
If there is any length,
I would like to ask the master singer to refer to his Duanxiang:
Dead wood can’t be beamed,
Sao mud powder can not be wall,
The more the merrier,
It’s hard to sing a big day;
I am going to call here,
I cordially invite the singers to sing.
Accompanied by the king
(sit on the funeral drum)
The golden drum played two or three more.
Listen to the cock in the Yellow Crane Tower.
Dumb will say intimate words,
The blind man laughed haha,
The monk caught the nun,
The scorpion smashed a lot.
The scorpion has not been sent (Fa),
The snoring and the courage are big.
The nuns are all beaten,
Abortion is about to kill.
The vicious dog is also afraid of the tiger,
The tiger is also afraid of the hunters.
Zhuang pig is afraid of killing piglets,
The Luban, who is afraid of the trees.
The bird is afraid of the eagle,
Xiaolong is also afraid of pangolins.
The grasshopper is afraid of the cow.
I read books as a portable treasure.
Sure enough, Confucianism is on the table.
Look up and look at the moon,
How many talents are divided on both sides.
It’s a careful comment in my heart.
This is a ghost murder.
Stupid, shallow and stupid,
The public are full of learning.
Only high-spirited, high-spirited,
The high man is a high person,
Words like Zhu Yu are like Zhen,
Sentences and poems are ancient and modern.
Today, Xiao Tang met the people,
Speaking of cold water igniting the lights,
From the teacher, I will come to teach,
The splendid article is in the heart.
Fooling down, all are warned,
Thousands of miles on the road,
Even if there is a mistake, you can see it.
Which man does not go out,
Friends are like mothers,
Out of the original is to rely on friends.
Xiu Cai does not agree with poetry,
The monk does not practice together.
The farmer does not kiss the shade,
The singer does not share the book.
Women do not have a needle,
The husband and wife do not share the bed pillow.
Scholars do not share books,
The government does not kiss the door.
When you see the crowd, you can return to the sound.
Afraid to learn to take the eagle,
Stupid is a mixed church (no ability),
I hope you will lead the way.
Say that I am dusk at dusk,
I fell asleep and forgot to close my eyes.
Eat risotto to forget to swallow,
Washing sweat, forgetting to undress,
I am a batter,
It is difficult to go out in the hall.
The tip of the jar is unstable.
A glimpse of a grid.
All the people are warned,
People raise people to win Baozhen.
The big tree is at the foot of the tree,
Since ancient times, I have done a good job.
I am afraid of the friendship,
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