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Delicious food
2019/01/21 14:01
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Wax sausage is one of the specialties of the Tujia people.Sausage practice:1 Wash the lean meat and fat meat separately, wipe off the water, cut into pieces of meat with the size of the nail (can not be cut to avoid breaking the casing).
2 bacon meat (octagonal, pepper, pepper, etc.) enlarge the bowl and mix well, add fat, lean meat, add 100 ml of water and mix well, marinate for half an hour.
3 The casing is placed on the water pipe, and the inside and outside of the casing are washed. Use a meat grinder to put on the casing and slowly put the salted meat into it. Do not put it too tightly in the intestine several times (deflate). After the intestines were filled, the head and tail were knotted and tied with a hemp rope at 17 cm.
4 The meat sausage is placed in the water pot for a while, and it is taken out and placed in a place with strong sunlight for a few days. If you want to make the sausage taste, you have to put it in the jar for a few days.


Wax sausage is one of the specialties of the Tujia people.
Sausage practice:
1 Wash the lean meat and fat meat separately, wipe off the water, cut into pieces of meat with the size of the nail (can not be cut to avoid breaking the casing).
2 bacon meat (octagonal, pepper, pepper, etc.) enlarge the bowl and mix well, add fat, lean meat, add 100 ml of water and mix well, marinate for half an hour.
3 The casing is placed on the water pipe, and the inside and outside of the casing are washed. Use a meat grinder to put on the casing and slowly put the salted meat into it. Do not put it too tightly in the intestine several times (deflate). After the intestines were filled, the head and tail were knotted and tied with a hemp rope at 17 cm.
4 The meat sausage is placed in the water pot for a while, and it is taken out and placed in a place with strong sunlight for a few days. If you want to make the sausage taste, you have to put it in the jar for a few days.
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