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Qingjiang fish

Delicious food
2019/01/21 14:00
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Good mountains have good water, good water to raise good fish, good fish taste, no pollution, no pollution, no hormone is the biggest characteristic of Qingjiang fish. Changyang Qingjiang fish use Qingjiang natural mineral water, with Qingjiang wild small fish and shrimp as the main bait, without any drugs. The biggest characteristic of Qingjiang fish is pollution-free, pollution-free, hormone-free, meat tender and delicious, nutritious, no soil. taste. The Qingjiang River originated from the mountain spring in the west of Hubei Province and was composed of more than 2,000 mountain springs. The whole basin has good vegetation and beautiful scenery.

Qingjiang fish

Good mountains have good water, good water to raise good fish, good fish taste, no pollution, no pollution, no hormone is the biggest characteristic of Qingjiang fish. Changyang Qingjiang fish use Qingjiang natural mineral water, with Qingjiang wild small fish and shrimp as the main bait, without any drugs. The biggest characteristic of Qingjiang fish is pollution-free, pollution-free, hormone-free, meat tender and delicious, nutritious, no soil. taste. The Qingjiang River originated from the mountain spring in the west of Hubei Province and was composed of more than 2,000 mountain springs. The whole basin has good vegetation and beautiful scenery. Qingjiang water has moderate acidity and alkalinity, sufficient dissolved oxygen, fresh water, no pollution, no pollution. It has been identified as natural mineral water by experts and is rich in various minerals and trace elements necessary for human body. The specific environment, excellent water quality, suitable climate, and the famous Qingjiang fish. After the formation of the Geheyan reservoir area, the quiet and elegant Qingjiang water provides a unique growth condition for the Qingjiang fish. The main varieties are: Qingjiang black scorpion, red scorpion, black scorpion, red scorpion, squid, white squid, silver squid, bigmouth bream, squid, white squid and green prawn, etc., with silver fish, squid and white armor are the most valuable.

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