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Sweet potato

Delicious food
2019/01/21 14:02
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"Kang" is the dialect of Yichang and Enshi areas in Hubei Province. It is a cooking method besides fried, fried and fried. It is a cooking method between fried and fried with a small amount of edible oil. "Potato" is potato. As the saying goes, "Alpine potatoes, low mountain potatoes." That is to say, the potatoes on the high mountains taste good, and the potatoes produced on the high mountains in Western Hubei are very popular with diners. It is proposed to make potato as a home-cooked dish, especially the popular "Kang potato" in Yichang. There is a Huangbai Mountain in Changyang, Yichang City, Hubei Province, which is rich in potato and cabbage. There is a love song, "Love Brother is rare, not enough to eat, stir-fried a plate of cabbage, cook a few large potatoes". There are many ways to eat potatoes, especially Kang potatoes, which are very delicious. "Kang" refers to putting less oil (wetting the bottom of the pot with less oil) and letting potatoes touch the bottom of the pot as much as possible, rather than frying with more oil. When the potato is cooked, it tastes oilless and has a sweet feeling of roasting.

Sweet potato

"Kang" is the dialect of Yichang and Enshi areas in Hubei Province. It is a cooking method besides fried, fried and fried. It is a cooking method between fried and fried with a small amount of edible oil. "Potato" is potato. As the saying goes, "Alpine potatoes, low mountain potatoes." That is to say, the potatoes on the high mountains taste good, and the potatoes produced on the high mountains in Western Hubei are very popular with diners. It is proposed to make potato as a home-cooked dish, especially the popular "Kang potato" in Yichang. There is a Huangbai Mountain in Changyang, Yichang City, Hubei Province, which is rich in potato and cabbage. There is a love song, "Love Brother is rare, not enough to eat, stir-fried a plate of cabbage, cook a few large potatoes". There are many ways to eat potatoes, especially Kang potatoes, which are very delicious. "Kang" refers to putting less oil (wetting the bottom of the pot with less oil) and letting potatoes touch the bottom of the pot as much as possible, rather than frying with more oil. When the potato is cooked, it tastes oilless and has a sweet feeling of roasting.

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