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Glutinous rake

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:50
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The famous Tujia Ding-rake in Western Hubei is a traditional food of Tujia nationality with its own characteristics. The bamboo cake is soaked in glutinous rice for one to two days, dried and steamed, and placed on a special "rock plate", which is circular in shape, two metres in diameter, surrounded by edges, protruding inches high, and rubbed very smoothly in the plate. Each of them holds a wooden hammer (that is, a small wooden hammer). For a moment, I sprinkle a small amount of rice noodles on the side of the hammer so as not to stick to each other until it is spoiled. Then I put them on the board and make a plan. The size is as big as two or three kilograms, and the size is as small as one or two. The bamboo cake is a gift, a gift is a pair, so some households hit hundreds of kilograms of glutinous rice bamboo cake. After the Baba is beaten, it is backed up with rice noodles to avoid cracking. The bamboo bun was soaked in water and changed once a week until March. There are several ways to eat, one is roasted, the other is fried with oil and seasonings. After roasting or fried, the bamboo cake is foamed, very soft and delicious.

Glutinous rake

The famous Tujia Ding-rake in Western Hubei is a traditional food of Tujia nationality with its own characteristics. The bamboo cake is soaked in glutinous rice for one to two days, dried and steamed, and placed on a special "rock plate", which is circular in shape, two metres in diameter, surrounded by edges, protruding inches high, and rubbed very smoothly in the plate. Each of them holds a wooden hammer (that is, a small wooden hammer). For a moment, I sprinkle a small amount of rice noodles on the side of the hammer so as not to stick to each other until it is spoiled. Then I put them on the board and make a plan. The size is as big as two or three kilograms, and the size is as small as one or two. The bamboo cake is a gift, a gift is a pair, so some households hit hundreds of kilograms of glutinous rice bamboo cake. After the Baba is beaten, it is backed up with rice noodles to avoid cracking. The bamboo bun was soaked in water and changed once a week until March. There are several ways to eat, one is roasted, the other is fried with oil and seasonings. After roasting or fried, the bamboo cake is foamed, very soft and delicious.

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