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Mung bean peel

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:47
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Mung bean peel is a favorite food of Tujia people along the Qingjiang River. Even if you are entertaining guests, you don't think it suspicious. Mung bean peel is mostly a bowl of mung bean peel in the middle of the day and midnight. The method of mung bean skin is: crude corn is ground into seeds, shelled and soaked, added mung beans, fine grinded into oars, ladle a small ladle along the hot iron pot, brush the pulp mill evenly with a brush to form a round skin, called "stall mung bean skin." In the pot stall, the fire is very important. In the kitchen, pine hair and dead leaves are generally burned, and the fire is set by special people. If the fire is high, it is high and low, otherwise it will not be uncovered or burned. Roll the spreaded mung bean skin into a cylinder, cut it fine and dry, then it can be stored and used. When eating, soak it in cold water, cook it with a small amount of vegetable leaves, and add the seasoning. This kind of food is most popular in Changyang, Wufeng and Badong.

Mung bean peel

Mung bean peel is a favorite food of Tujia people along the Qingjiang River. Even if you are entertaining guests, you don't think it suspicious. Mung bean peel is mostly a bowl of mung bean peel in the middle of the day and midnight. The method of mung bean skin is: crude corn is ground into seeds, shelled and soaked, added mung beans, fine grinded into oars, ladle a small ladle along the hot iron pot, brush the pulp mill evenly with a brush to form a round skin, called "stall mung bean skin." In the pot stall, the fire is very important. In the kitchen, pine hair and dead leaves are generally burned, and the fire is set by special people. If the fire is high, it is high and low, otherwise it will not be uncovered or burned. Roll the spreaded mung bean skin into a cylinder, cut it fine and dry, then it can be stored and used. When eating, soak it in cold water, cook it with a small amount of vegetable leaves, and add the seasoning. This kind of food is most popular in Changyang, Wufeng and Badong.

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