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God bean curd

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:51
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In the past, it was rare for Tujia people in Western Hubei to want to eat bracted grain soybeans. Especially in summer, they had run out of grain and had no new grain on the market. It was difficult for them to live. Every summer was a season of frequent diseases. Therefore, there was a custom of playing "Shentofu" in Tujia mountain villages in summer. The raw material of Shentofu is not beans, but plant leaves and scented ash. This kind of leaf is called stinky peony leaf. It is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. First, it is picked back, washed and rubbed, soaked in clear water, then filtered by cloth, and then filled with filtered green water in a vat and then infiltrated into a bowl of perfume. The green water in the VAT begins to solidify and form frozen seeds. This is Shentofu, the color of green is slightly astringent. Because it is made of incense to solidify it, so it is called "planting tofu". Legend has it that the heart of beating God tofu should be sincere and confidential, otherwise the beating will not succeed. This kind of tofu can be used to satisfy hunger and relieve cold and heat, so it has been circulating for a long time in Tujia area of Western Hubei Province. Nowadays, a few Alpine margins still have Dashen tofu to eat in summer. As a kind of medicinal beverage, it may have its scientific value.

God bean curd

In the past, it was rare for Tujia people in Western Hubei to want to eat bracted grain soybeans. Especially in summer, they had run out of grain and had no new grain on the market. It was difficult for them to live. Every summer was a season of frequent diseases. Therefore, there was a custom of playing "Shentofu" in Tujia mountain villages in summer. The raw material of Shentofu is not beans, but plant leaves and scented ash. This kind of leaf is called stinky peony leaf. It is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. First, it is picked back, washed and rubbed, soaked in clear water, then filtered by cloth, and then filled with filtered green water in a vat and then infiltrated into a bowl of perfume. The green water in the VAT begins to solidify and form frozen seeds. This is Shentofu, the color of green is slightly astringent. Because it is made of incense to solidify it, so it is called "planting tofu". Legend has it that the heart of beating God tofu should be sincere and confidential, otherwise the beating will not succeed. This kind of tofu can be used to satisfy hunger and relieve cold and heat, so it has been circulating for a long time in Tujia area of Western Hubei Province. Nowadays, a few Alpine margins still have Dashen tofu to eat in summer. As a kind of medicinal beverage, it may have its scientific value.

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