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Pueraria powder

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:46
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Pueraria lobata is a favorite food of Tujia people. Pueraria is divided into Pueraria lobata and Chaige lobata. Pueraria lobata has more short powder than Chaige lobata. Pueraria lobata has thick and long roots, which are dug back and washed from the mountains, rotted with wooden sticks and mallets, rinsed in clear water in the tank, filtered out the powder, removed the Pueraria lobata, let the powder precipitate, then removed the water, made the wet Pueraria lobata into a garden, backed up in the ash, absorbed water, dried and put in the sun. Pueraria lobata can be used as a variety of food. First, it is soaked and stirred in cold water, put sugar and a small amount of rice in it, and then rinsed with boiling water. As a tea treat, it is called "Pueraria lobata". This kind of tea is not only simple, but also has the function of cooling, cooling and anti-inflammation. First, it is drinked in cold water with raw Pueraria lobata, which is commonly used in folk refreshing earth recipe. First, steamed Pueraria lobata is cut into nails and mixed with laiye, corn Powder, put in onion and garlic and other seasonings steamed, because this kind of pueraria, there is adhesion, so called pueraria. Ge Rake tastes delicious, eats and is hungry.

Pueraria powder

Pueraria lobata is a favorite food of Tujia people. Pueraria is divided into Pueraria lobata and Chaige lobata. Pueraria lobata has more short powder than Chaige lobata. Pueraria lobata has thick and long roots, which are dug back and washed from the mountains, rotted with wooden sticks and mallets, rinsed in clear water in the tank, filtered out the powder, removed the Pueraria lobata, let the powder precipitate, then removed the water, made the wet Pueraria lobata into a garden, backed up in the ash, absorbed water, dried and put in the sun. Pueraria lobata can be used as a variety of food. First, it is soaked and stirred in cold water, put sugar and a small amount of rice in it, and then rinsed with boiling water. As a tea treat, it is called "Pueraria lobata". This kind of tea is not only simple, but also has the function of cooling, cooling and anti-inflammation. First, it is drinked in cold water with raw Pueraria lobata, which is commonly used in folk refreshing earth recipe. First, steamed Pueraria lobata is cut into nails and mixed with laiye, corn Powder, put in onion and garlic and other seasonings steamed, because this kind of pueraria, there is adhesion, so called pueraria. Ge Rake tastes delicious, eats and is hungry.

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