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The Product Development Department held a sales skill training exchange meeting

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2019/01/14 11:25
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In order to further improve the service awareness and sales level of department staff, on January 10, the Commodity Development Department held a sales skill training exchange meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the Visitor Center. All employees of the Commodity Development Department and the Guiding Center participated in the meeting. The meeting invited the Wushan Ninghe Trading Company's two-dam one-gorge cruise gold sales team.
In order to further improve the service awareness and sales level of department staff, on January 10, the Commodity Development Department held a sales skill training exchange meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the Visitor Center. All employees of the Commodity Development Department and the Guiding Center participated in the meeting. The meeting invited the Wushan Ninghe Trading Company's two-dam one-gorge cruise gold sales team.
At the meeting, three gold medal salesmen of the Wushan Ninghe Trading Company’s two dams and one gorge cruise ship shared their work experience. The excellent sales staff of the company’s commodity development department and the store managers of the stores exchanged speeches. The department in charge of the leadership made the next step. The work put forward opinions.
The exchange meeting enabled the company's merchandisers to broaden their horizons and effectively improve their work skills and skills, laying a good foundation for the next step of sales of the Commodity Development Department, and invigorating the company's efforts to increase secondary consumption and transformation and upgrading. 
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