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Ticket Vending Machine, which is fast and convenient

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Hu Yulian
2019/05/15 11:48
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 On May 11, sunny, it was a bright day for outing. In the Ticket Center of Qingjiang Gallery, we saw a long line in front of a row of TVMs.

  On May 11, sunny, it was a bright day for outing. In the Ticket Center of Qingjiang Gallery, we saw a long line in front of a row of TVMs. Visitors tapped on the screen of VTM, selected ticket type and number, scanned the QR code or their ID card, then tickets were spilled out of the machines and visitors left after counting the number of tickets. Visitors said the ticket vending machines (VTM) are very convenient, fast and time-saving, really helpful.



  In order to pace up the construction of an intelligent scenic area and improve visitors’ experience, upon the application by the scenic area, three TVMs, which were financially sponsored by HBCT Juyou Tourism and customized by SEND INTELLIGENT, have been shipped here, and were put into full operation on May 11 after the field commissioning by SEND INTELLIGENT engineers and trial operation.

  According to news, those TVMs are controlled by a microcomputer with powerful functions and flexible setup, and are seamlessly connected with the existing ticketing system to offer visitors one-stop self-help services including ticket purchase via Wechat (Alipay), information inquiry, online ticket purchasing and collection.

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