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Guiding Center held a semi-annual work summary meeting

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2017/07/16 11:21
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At 17:30 on the afternoon of July 15th, He Qingling, the person in charge of the Guiding Center, hosted a half-year work summary meeting in the wisdom hall. Li Tianjun, the leader in charge, attended the meeting.
At 17:30 on the afternoon of July 15th, He Qingling, the person in charge of the Guiding Center, hosted a half-year work summary meeting in the wisdom hall. Li Tianjun, the leader in charge, attended the meeting.
Guiding Center held a semi-annual work summary meeting
At the meeting, the person in charge, He Qingling, summarized the work of the department. In the past six months, the Guiding Center has focused on the company's party committee as the core. Under the difficulty of overcoming the shortage of personnel, it has united and completed all the reception tasks without any security incidents and major complaints. While cultivating the responsibility field, all the staff members can find their own gaps through study and propaganda, and have greatly improved their ideological understanding and actions. At the same time, they have deeply analyzed the problems and deficiencies of the departments, carefully arranged the post-work priorities, and proposed In the complicated and varied tourism work, we must not forget the original heart and be a tourist with temperature. Subsequently, some tour guide representatives made a summary exchange speech.
Finally, Li Tianjun, the in charge of the leadership, commented on the department's summary, affirmed the department's work and growth, and put forward guiding opinions. Encourage everyone to use a positive spirit, an optimistic and open-minded attitude, a vulgar attitude, and a sincere dedication to their own work, strengthen their learning, constantly improve themselves, give full play to the benefits of business cards, and build a solid foundation for the company's transformation and upgrading. basis.
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