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The Department of Cruises: Self-checking and self-correcting, we are in action

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2016/11/16 10:54
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The company's "100-day attack and rectification and excellence" has entered the final stage of hard work. The Ministry of Cruises carried out the activity of "self-examination and self-correction in action" within the department according to the requirements of the rectification action. The activity mainly focused on the cleanliness of public areas. The maintenance of the ship's appearance, the operation of the ship's safety regulations, and the attitude of the crew's service are carried out.
The company's "100-day attack and rectification and excellence" has entered the final stage of hard work. The Ministry of Cruises carried out the activity of "self-examination and self-correction in action" within the department according to the requirements of the rectification action. The activity mainly focused on the cleanliness of public areas. The maintenance of the ship's appearance, the operation of the ship's safety regulations, and the attitude of the crew's service are carried out.
The Department of Cruises: Self-checking and self-correcting, we are in action
Before the barge is cleared
Since the launch of the self-checking and self-correcting activities, the Ministry of Cruises has carried out a general cleaning of the dock area on November 15 with a focus on the maintenance of sanitary facilities around the barges and the large clean-up of debris inside the barges. During the cleaning process, the comrades carried out all the work with enthusiasm. They had no complaints, two pairs and two, division of labor and cooperation, and worked together to maintain a good order, showing the good state of the staff of the department and the spirit. With the concerted efforts of all of you, the barges and docks have been completely renewed.
The Department of Cruises: Self-checking and self-correcting, we are in action
After the barge is cleared
Through this activity, it not only improved the overall environmental sanitation level of the scenic spot, but also enabled the staff of the department to establish the concept of “the company is my home, health depends on everyone”, and guides everyone to use practical actions to contribute to creating a beautiful and clean environment.
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