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Marketing Center: Smell the chicken and dance to create prosperity

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2016/12/09 10:58
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The New Year is approaching. In 2016, we went to the last month without knowing it. After a year of hard work, the scenic spots worked together with travel agency partners in various markets to jointly build the name of Qingjiang Gallery into a well-known brand. It also allows more tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qingjiang Gallery during the year.
The New Year is approaching. In 2016, we went to the last month without knowing it. After a year of hard work, the scenic spots worked together with travel agency partners in various markets to jointly build the name of Qingjiang Gallery into a well-known brand. It also allows more tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qingjiang Gallery during the year.
Marketing Center: Smell the chicken and dance to create prosperity
From November 29th to 30th, Jiangsu TV station "Follow the Bigfoot" column, with the theme of "chicken dance New Year", held the 2016 New Year Friendship Association on the beautiful Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing. The meeting invited all over the country. Hundreds of travel agencies and scenic spot representatives, Qingjiang Gallery and Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area were invited to participate in this evening as Hubei Scenic Area, and in the "New Year's Magazine" of "Following Everyone", the special report of "Qingjiang Gallery" was published. It reflects the good reputation and influence of the scenic spot in the hearts of tourists.
Marketing Center: Smell the chicken and dance to create prosperity
From December 1st to 5th, the banner of “Shandong Windward Travel Alliance” rose in the land of Qilu. The scenic spots and travel agency representatives from many provinces across the country gathered in Penglai, and participated in the year-end with the theme of “linkage cooperation and common prosperity”. meeting. As the representative of the “One Boat Trip Three Gorges” product that the Alliance achieved great success in 2016, Qingjiang Gallery, as a representative of Yichang Scenic Area, boarded a special issue of the conference, expressing the affirmation and love of Shandong tourists to Yichang and “Qingjiang Gallery”.
Through these two meetings, we not only experienced the development and growth of our partners, but also learned the most advanced market sales model, and the most fresh tourism development direction, which made us benefit as a marketing staff. Through the cooperation and planning of the next year, we will be more confident in the market next year, sincere cooperation and the opening of the stone, let us adhere to the concept of "linkage cooperation, common prosperity" and create greater glory in 2017.
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