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Marketing Center: Shandong team re-creates a new high

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2016/10/30 10:45
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On October 29th, in the continuous autumn rain, Qingjiang Gallery welcomed a group of guests from afar, 26 buses and more than 1,000 Shandong tourists. On the land of Qilu, thousands of miles away, the name of Qingjiang Gallery is constantly expanding its influence. More and more Shandong tourists come here to see the Qingjiang style.
On October 29th, in the continuous autumn rain, Qingjiang Gallery welcomed a group of guests from afar, 26 buses and more than 1,000 Shandong tourists. On the land of Qilu, thousands of miles away, the name of Qingjiang Gallery is constantly expanding its influence. More and more Shandong tourists come here to see the Qingjiang style.
The activities of “100 buses to Yichang” are in full swing, and the Shandong market is getting hotter. After 19 buses created the Shandong market record last week, this week, a new record of 26 buses was created, Jinan, Zibo, Weifang, Dongying, Binzhou and other places, each city has set off a wave of Qingjiang Gallery tour.
The company has been continuously developing and the scenic spot has been continuously upgraded. Through the joint efforts of the company's employees, the Qingjiang Gallery scenic spot has made a good reputation in the hearts of tourists and travel agencies. The beautiful scenery makes visitors forget to return, word of mouth. I believe that in the next time, the name of Qingjiang Gallery will be further.
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