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2016/08/22 10:36
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On the morning of August 20th, the work of the guide center was working as usual. In the face of another peak of passenger flow in the summer, every tour guide has a good spirit and is ready to go, starting a day of work.
On the morning of August 20th, the work of the guide center was working as usual. In the face of another peak of passenger flow in the summer, every tour guide has a good spirit and is ready to go, starting a day of work.
On the same day, the tour guide Liu Shuang’s No. 12 cruise ship arrived at Wuluozhong from the mountain pier. When the ship was disembarked, a tourist sent a men’s wallet with a large amount of cash but no identity certificate to her. Liu Shuang immediately rushed to the bow and used the loudspeaker to broadcast the sound to find the owner. Since the owner had left the ship, he did not find the owner.
At the same time, the Qingjiang Gallery scenic spot is a rolling schedule. After the visitors are finished, the Qingjiang Gallery No. 12 cruise ship will immediately return to the tourist terminal. Liu Shuang took into account that the guests were using Chinese food, and they might go to the dock at any time. She immediately handed the wallet to Li Qingquan, the head of the Wuluozhong Mountain Boat, and then informed the other first-line guides via WeChat. Online broadcasting, with the joint efforts of the department staff, and the cooperation of the head of the barge, successfully delivered the wallet with a large amount of cash to the owner.
After the return of the tourists, they expressed their gratitude to the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area Office. They expressed their high appreciation for the spirit of Qingjiang Gallery’s employees, “Thinking of the tourists, and the urgency of the tourists”, and said that they will also visit the Qingjiang Gallery in the future. Introduce more friends and family to experience the unique charm of Qingjiang Gallery.
In every post in the Qingjiang Gallery scenic spot, things like finding people and finding things happen frequently. It is precisely because every Qingjiang Gallery has a responsibility and a mission, and it has the initiative to act as the master spirit, and it is full of positive energy. Not only touches every visitor, but also affects everyone around you.
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