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Guide Center: Wind and rain, we go hand in hand

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2016/08/22 10:37
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On August 16th, four tourists had conflicts with local farmhouse staff. The tour guide Xu Aiping actively coordinated and handled the patient's emotions patiently. Knowing that the guests have not used Chinese food, Xu Aiping did not hesitate to use his meal card to provide lunch for tourists, which solved the contradiction very well. Xu Aiping's behavior truly reflects the noble character of the company's employees, and maintains the company's image with practical actions, fulfilling the responsibility and responsibility of a 5A scenic spot staff.
On August 16th, four tourists had conflicts with local farmhouse staff. The tour guide Xu Aiping actively coordinated and handled the patient's emotions patiently. Knowing that the guests have not used Chinese food, Xu Aiping did not hesitate to use his meal card to provide lunch for tourists, which solved the contradiction very well. Xu Aiping's behavior truly reflects the noble character of the company's employees, and maintains the company's image with practical actions, fulfilling the responsibility and responsibility of a 5A scenic spot staff.
The tour guide is a highly integrated service of the brain, and the complexity of the travel work requires a group of delicate and persistent people to stick to it. In the work of "100 days to attack, rectify and create excellence", as long as every gallery person is determined to move forward, with full support and care, the 5A gold sign will surely shine brighter and brighter! We will work together in the wind and rain!
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