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Guide Center: Sisters, a little fresh in the summer

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2016/08/22 10:35
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There will always be a place where you will never forget to return; there will always be some landscapes that will make you unforgettable. Eight hundred miles of picturesque Qingjiang, such a landscape is a paradise. In the midsummer, Qingjiang Gallery attracts tourists from all over the country with the beauty of “away from the city and return to the green paradise”.
There will always be a place where you will never forget to return; there will always be some landscapes that will make you unforgettable. Eight hundred miles of picturesque Qingjiang, such a landscape is a paradise. In the midsummer, Qingjiang Gallery attracts tourists from all over the country with the beauty of “away from the city and return to the green paradise”.
The sun is warm and the scenery is good. With the coming of the summer season, you will always see the guides and sisters, dressed in bright national costumes, smiling, and traveling in every corner of the scenic spot, forming another beautiful scenery of Qingjiang Gallery.
In the ordinary post, they are persistent and persistent: at the bow, the sisters greet with their most sincere smile; get out of the boat to pay attention to safety, take good care of the elderly and children, go forward with a bathroom, nothing special, They are bored; in the face of warm sun, they are still smiling and passionately introducing each scene to the tourists; during the trip, the sisters interact with the melodious folk songs to make the tourists' journeys more fulfilling; Where they help, they will always help the tourists in the first time, patiently solve, their service is always reflected in the small details.
Qingjiang Gallery Tujia sisters are like a touch of green tea in the summer, fresh and elegant, letting people feel exhausted; they are not demanding, only in the shortest possible time, let the tourists far away from the city see the most beautiful here. The scenery, let the soul come to a perfect vacation; they will also be the happiest person in this summer because of the laughter and laughter of every visitor.
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