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Qingjiang Gallery Company launched a "big tree, unity, focus on people, and promote development"

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2018/10/30 13:48
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On October 28th, Qingjiang Gallery Company launched a large-scale discussion and discussion on "trees, new style, unity, gathering people, and promoting development." All party members and cadres and workers of the company participated in the activities.
On October 28th, Qingjiang Gallery Company launched a large-scale discussion and discussion on "trees, new style, unity, gathering people, and promoting development." All party members and cadres and workers of the company participated in the activities.
Qingjiang Gallery Company launched a "big tree, unity, focus on people, and promote development"
At the meeting, the Qingjiang Gallery Company was introduced to carry out the "Implementation Plan for "Learning a New Wind, Saying Unity, Focusing on People, and Promoting Development", Learning and Discussing Activities; Learning the "Winter Staff Training Program"; Party Secretary and General Manager Chen Weidong He made an important speech on how to carry out big talks and talks.
The meeting requested that the first is to attach great importance to the big talks, to fully understand the necessity, importance and far-reaching significance of the activities; the second is to improve the professional knowledge level, safety skills and practical skills through various training and learning; It is necessary to talk about unity, concentration, love and dedication, love the company, to obey the rules and discipline, and to be awe-inspiring; fourth is to solve the problem of the company by the "sweeping evil and evil" Dongfeng; the fifth is to establish "service first, everything The idea of serving the tourists.
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