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Conduct fire safety knowledge training to improve employees' fire safety awareness

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2018/10/23 13:46
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Autumn and winter are the seasons of frequent fires. To avoid the occurrence of fires, prevent them from "burning". On October 22nd, Wu Instructor of the Invited Fire Training Center of Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot conducted a fire safety knowledge training for all employees.
Autumn and winter are the seasons of frequent fires. To avoid the occurrence of fires, prevent them from "burning". On October 22nd, Wu Instructor of the Invited Fire Training Center of Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot conducted a fire safety knowledge training for all employees.
Conduct fire safety knowledge training to improve
At the training meeting, Wu instructors first vividly expounded the importance of improving fire safety knowledge and fire awareness in the form of video, pictures and texts in combination with fire cases in recent years. Later, he explained the basic knowledge of fire protection, and introduced the causes of fires, how to prevent fires, the basic knowledge of fire escapes, and how to prevent fires from four aspects: "fire prevention", "fire fighting", "escape" and "self-rescue". The equipment, such as self-rescue breathing apparatus, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, and other functions and methods of use were demonstrated.
Through training, everyone knows how to make reasonable use of the fire equipment nearby to carry out the initial fire rescue, master some basic fire scene escape knowledge, improve self-defense self-rescue ability, and further enhance the employees' hidden dangers in work and life. The fire-fighting awareness of the open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and laid a solid foundation for building a fire safety "firewall" for the scenic spot.
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