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Qingjiang Gallery launches the regular safe production meeting of Q1

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Fan Bin
2019/03/06 19:34
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  As the “Two Sessions” were approaching, on March 5, Qingjiang Gallery launched the regular safe production meeting of Q1, which was attended by all company leaders and departmental heads, so as to ensure the safety and order of the scenic area and maintain social and political stability.

  At the meeting, the head of the Security Administration Office conveyed the Notice of Municipal Security Commission on Strengthening the Control of Safe Production during the Resumption of Production after the Holiday, and the spirit of the speech of Zhou Jinqun, the deputy county chief, made in the video conference on safety precaution during the “Two Sessions”; Li Tianjun, the deputy general manager, summed up achievement of safe production made in the previous stage (Spring Festival, Spring Festival travel rush), and assigned tasks for the current safe production undertaking.

  During the meeting, it was requested that first we need to know the bottom line and be mentally upright; second we need to strengthen measures and apply them to right places; third we need to strengthen supervision and refine administration; fourth we need to add more shifts for emergency and develop a ready-to-use plan.

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