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Qingjiang Gallery won the “Yichang Development Contribution Award” of 2014 - 2018

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2019/02/22 19:36
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  Recently, a city-wide cadre meeting was held in Yichang to recognize winners of the “Yichang Development Contribution Award”, “Yichang Ecological Environment Protection Award” of 2014 - 2018. Qingjiang Gallery won the “Yichang Development Contribution Award” of 2014 - 2018.

  As a provincial-level stated-owned enterprise, Qingjiang Gallery has firmly held the concept of green development in the past five years, stuck to the goal of “fully amplifying the effect of 5A attraction and building a well-known touristic destination” to stabilize growth, adjust structure, boost transformation; accelerate project construction, normalize administration in the scenic area, strengthen marketing and promote brand image. In 2018, Qingjiang Gallery treated 547,000 tourists in total and gained a comprehensive income of RMB 60.5 million, witnessing a double growth in tourists and income. Meanwhile, zero safety accident or major compliant has occurred. Being so encouraged for winning such an honor, the company will carry forward the spirit of contribution, provide satisfactory service and achieve greater outcomes in the tourism industry.

  Report has it that the Yichang Development Contribution Award was approved by Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and determined by Yichang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to recognize exemplary and contributing units that have boosted the high-quality development of Yichang in the past five years and motivate all enterprises in the city to fight for the goal of “Two Leadings” at a faster speed.

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