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Qingjiang Gallery holds the 2018 debriefing meeting of medium-level managers and anti-corruption debriefing meeting

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Jiang Yunfang
2019/03/23 19:26
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  On March 22, Qingjiang Gallery held the 2018 debriefing meeting of medium-level managers and anti-corruption debriefing meeting. The meeting was attended by the management of the company, leaders of Yilong Company, and medium-level managers above the supervisor level.

  During the meeting, 18 medium-level managers briefed about their work and the anti-corruption progress of 2018. Everyone recapped on the results and identified problems, and their statements were pertinent, realistic and objective. The meeting was followed by a democratic assessment on medium-level managers.

  As requested on the meeting, first, we have to uphold the staunch political ideology, stick to the “Four Senses” and “Four Confidences”, and resolutely achieve “Two Maintains”. All employees need to learn on; second, we have to strictly follow the resolutions of the company, be staunch, clean and responsible to safeguard the company’s interest; third, we have to bear a mind of innovation and entrepreneur and adapt ourselves to the change of time, and remember “the only thing that does not change is change itself”; fourth, we have to train ourselves and improve our managerial ability, take the lead to fully mobilize the employees and spark their innovation; fifth, we have to hold our bottom line of morality and incorruption and devote ourselves to the company, combine strictness and kindness, incentives and restraints; sixth, we have to think of the big picture, and join the force of every single tiny screw.

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