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Qingjiang Gallery dispatches a special team to learn red tourism and experience educational tourism in other province

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Zhang Yuanpeng
2019/03/27 19:28
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  To further inherit the red culture, create new growth points and push forward the construction and development of Machi Ancient Village, from March 22 to 27, the company dispatched a team to Jinggangshan in Shanxi, Suzhou in Anhui, Linyi in Shandong and other places to investigate and learn their practices. Led by Ding Zhangxiong, a member of the Party Committee and the secretary of the Commission of Discipline Inspection of the company, the team was composed of five members from the Wuluozhongli Mountain Administration Station, the Comprehensive Office and the Marketing Center.

  During the trip, the team went deep into the site and scene to learn from experts, scholars and managers about the knowledge and operation of red culture, red tourism and educational tourism. As a result they gained clear understanding and experience of the essence of red culture, the training idea of red education, course setting, endeavor for favorable policies, venue construction, and the design of educational tourism products.

  Meanwhile, the team also took this opportunity to have deep discussion and negotiation with Jiangxi South Travel Agency, Suzhou Sightseeing Travel Agency, and Linyi Leyou Vacation Travel Agency in Shandong.

  In the end, the team wrote a special study and investigation report and sent it to the company for accelerating the construction and development and Machi Ancient Village. Therefore they have made positive contributions to the transformation, upgrade and high-quality development of Qingjiang Gallery.

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