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Qingjiang Gallery pays consolatory visits during Spring Festival

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2018/02/14 13:17
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80.QingjiangGallerypaysconsolatoryvisitsduringSpringFestival  February14,2018  UponthecomingoftheSpringFestival,QingjiangGallerypaidconsolatoryvisitstopoverty-strickenemployees,villagersofWuluozhongli

  Upon the coming of the Spring Festival, Qingjiang Gallery paid consolatory visits to poverty-stricken employees, villagers of Wuluozhongli Mountain, poverty-stricken families in Xiping Village, Yuxiakou Town and the PAP Squadron at Geheyan, to bring them concerns and blessings of the New Year.

  On February 11, nearly 100 people from 51 households in the Wuluozhongli Mountain received their New Year supplies donated by the Qingjiang Gallery. Xiong Hu, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and the chairman of the board, Li Tianjun, the vice general manager, Yang Xuedan, the vice chairman of labor union, paid visits to local residents on behalf of the company and sent them rice and edible oil.

  In the visit to poverty-stricken employees, company leaders intensively learned about their physical conditions and living conditions, their difficulties of life and needs to be supported. In addition to the consolation money and New Year blessings, they encouraged everyone to hold passion against poverty and shoulder the burden of life.

  In the house of Tian Fumei in Group 5, Xiping Village, Yuxiakou Town, the executive vice general manager Li Dongzhou, on behalf of the company, inquired about their living conditions in the past year, sent them rice, edible oil and other necessities, and supported their second eldest daughter with a student subsidy that will help in her internship and employment.

  In the PAP Squadron at Geheyan, they extended best New Year wishes to settled officers and soldiers, and sincere gratitude for their contribution in maintaining the stable order of the scenic area.

  After the consolatory visits, concerns were actually delivered to the poverty-stricken group in most need of care to offer help for the lives and comfort for their spiritual needs, which fully demonstrated the responsibility and charity of a state-owned enterprise, and created a harmonious atmosphere of poverty alleviation and “familiarity between civilians and soldiers”.

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