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Tourism of Qingjiang Gallery sees a booming start in Spring Festival

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2018/02/22 11:48
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  On February 21, the Spring Festival week came to an end with applauses and bliss. During the holiday, all cadres and employees of Qingjiang Gallery offered all tourists a cozy, secure and blissful vacation with brimming passion and considerate service. According to statistic data, a total of nearly 49,000 tourists from home and abroad were received during the Spring Festival holiday, reaching a record high.

  Affected by the free toll fee during the Spring Festival holiday, about 70% tourists came here by driving their own cars, where were from more than 20 provinces including Hunan, Shandong, Henan and Shaanxi. In order to guarantee the reception, Qingjiang Gallery has left enough parking lots and dispatched more than 20 guilders and security personnel at the main entrances, exits and parking space to control the traffic flow, and set security posts along the road.

  In order to offer a joyful and blissful Chinese New Year for tourists, Qingjiang Gallery made elaborate embellishment and decorations with lanterns and fortune characters to create a strong atmosphere of Chinese New Year; cleaners worked overtime to make sure the ground and toilets were clean, garbage was cleared out and tourists were given premium services; the Drumming Hall staged Tujia dances and songs everyday to fully showcase the passion and hospitality of Tujia people. At the meantime, “Great Fortune in the Year of God”, “Thanksgiving Family Tour” and other theme activities were launched during the holiday and tourists were given New Year gifts, further enhancing their happiness and sense of gain.

  The well-managed tourist environment and well-organized events during the Spring Festival marked a great start of the year. In the new year, the scenic area will further regulate the overall operation and management during holidays, display our culture, improve tourists’ experience, and achieve both economic benefits and social benefits.

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