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. Qingjiang Gallery communicates and implements the supervisory circular issued by the discipline inspection commission of the group

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Pu Chunlu
2018/09/28 15:16
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  On September 7, Qingjiang Gallery held the tenth enlarged meeting of the Party Committee to study the Circular on Supervision of Discipline Inspection Commission (1st and 2nd issues of 2018), discuss and work on the discipline inspection. All leaders of the company attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, it pointed out that we must attach great importance to the discipline inspection and supervision, learn lessons from typical cases, perform well in the supervision of key areas and positions of the company. We must carry out discipline inspection and supervision throughout the party building. Trust cannot replace supervision. The party must be administered and governed in a strict manner. Leaders responsible for discipline inspection and supervision must firmly uphold the "Four Senses" and "Two Maintains". It is necessary to improve the ability to identify and solve problems. Problems in an early stage or of a certain tendency must be addressed as early as possible. Those who deserve must be reminded, educated and punished, so as to better educate, manage and supervise all party members, cadres and employees, tighten party disciplines and protect the party image.

  It was stressed at the meeting that it was not easy to persist on the road of governing the party in a strict manner. No thought of break or rest is allowed. We must be clearly aware that there are still some bad ideological signs inside the mind of some party members and cadres, especially in ideology, work discipline, and ideological state. All party branches and departments must take control on routine management by closely focusing on politics, ideology, organization, discipline, etc., strictly manage and love employees, communicate with them and listen to their voice, carry forward the style of democracy, accept reasonable suggestions raised by employees, actively mobilize party members and cadres to take action and create, thus offering inexhaustible power for the high-quality development of the company.

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