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Discipline inspection commission of Qingjiang Gallery launches “Combat Corruption & Uphold Integrity” Awareness Day

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Pu Chunlu
2018/09/28 15:13
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  Recently, the discipline inspection commission of Qingjiang Gallery launched the “Combat Corruption & Uphold Integrity” Awareness Day event. This event was simultaneously held in the conference room of the Tourist Center, as the main session, and on the plaza of the Tujia Style Street, as the parallel session. This event, held in bustling places, educated the public about the knowledge of national policies and rules on supervision, and led the public to know the law, use the law and defend the law.

  The anti-corruption flyer made conclusions from six prospects, including the expansion on the State Supervision Law, the composition of National Supervision Committee, the supervision authority, the supervision procedure, and stories about anti-corruption and integrity.




  According to news, the person from the discipline inspection commission taking main responsibility in the main session had zero-distance communication with party members and cadres of the company, and distributed totally 50-plus flyers; workers in the Tour Guide Center at the parallel session distributed more than 200 flyers to the public.

  This event aims to promote the “Three Propaganda and Five Lectures” work of the company, keep up with the times to occupy the main position, and provide a stronghold of public opinions and culture nourishment for creating a clean and positive working atmosphere. Party members and cadres of the company must conscientiously study the State Supervision Law, consciously abide by and maintain relevant laws and regulations on combating corruption and promoting integrity, and make new contributions to the transformation and upgrading as well as high-quality development of the company.

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