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[religious belief] white tiger god

Ba culture
2009/07/01 15:51
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According to legend, the Tuzu people of the Tujia family were turned into white tigers after death. Therefore, the white tiger became the totem worship of the Ba people, and was regarded as a family god by the Tu family. "White tiger is sitting in the church, sitting in the temple is the god of the family", and thinks that the white tiger God can bring the gospel to the whole family.
According to legend, the Tuzu people of the Tujia family were turned into white tigers after death. Therefore, the white tiger became the totem worship of the Ba people, and was regarded as a family god by the Tu family. "White tiger is sitting in the church, sitting in the temple is the god of the family", and thinks that the white tiger God can bring the gospel to the whole family.
There is another kind of white tiger in the legend, that is, "crossing the mountain white tiger", it will bring disaster to people, especially if it is delicious, some children are sick, adults are suspected of hitting "white tiger star", so take the dog up the mountain Drive away, say that the car has gone through the mountain white tiger, the child will be good.
In addition to the white tiger god, but also believe in a "black tiger", the legendary black tiger can bring wealth to people, and some homes for the "black tiger Xuan Tan, Zhao Gong Marshal" card, singing the nationality of Changyang Tujia hero Tian Shiqun Sing in the song:
It’s clear in March,
Changyang has a black tiger star.
The black tiger is Tian Shiqun.
In the three years of Qing Tongzhi, Tian Shiqun led thousands of Tujia Han nationality children, publicly launched the rebellious banner, and opposed the Qing government's crushing and rule over the people. Because he did not fear rape and contributed to the people, the folks called him a black tiger star.
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