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  Folk Customs  

Changyang Tujia Autonomous County has a long history and a cultural heritage.
Known as the hometown of Chinese folk art.


Flower Drum Dance

Ba culture
2009/07/01 15:49
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The Tujia people in Changyang Network of the Three Gorges enjoy dancing. Flower drum dance is a kind of singing and dancing Dance in which people celebrate and rejoice in the festival venue and after work. The dance steps are "two and a half steps", the dance posture is a typical "three bends", and the dance recipe is called "the zigzag turn of the foot, the hand is like a weak willow, the waist is twisted forward and backward, the buttocks are turned up on both sides". When dancing, accompaniment can be played with gongs and drums or an erhu, or without accompaniment or make-up. A man to a woman (or several men to several women) appeared, holding a flower pad fan, foot music festival, while dancing and singing. The lyrics are mainly about love between men and women, dancing and dancing, and the atmosphere is very warm.

The Tujia people in Changyang Network of the Three Gorges enjoy dancing. Flower drum dance is a kind of singing and dancing Dance in which people celebrate and rejoice in the festival venue and after work. The dance steps are "two and a half steps", the dance posture is a typical "three bends", and the dance recipe is called "the zigzag turn of the foot, the hand is like a weak willow, the waist is twisted forward and backward, the buttocks are turned up on both sides". When dancing, accompaniment can be played with gongs and drums or an erhu, or without accompaniment or make-up. A man to a woman (or several men to several women) appeared, holding a flower pad fan, foot music festival, while dancing and singing. The lyrics are mainly about love between men and women, dancing and dancing, and the atmosphere is very warm.

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