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Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


Yifeng Hotel

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2019/01/21 14:15
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Qingjiang Tianxia show, Changyang Song and Dance Township. Located on the beautiful Qingjiang River, Yifeng Hotel is a comprehensive tourist hotel integrating catering, accommodation, small meetings and tourist reception. The hotel has 25 standard rooms and can accommodate 44 people. There are 6 Chinese restaurants. At the same time, it can accommodate 150 people to eat, and can undertake all kinds of banquets in high school and low grade. The environment is comfortable and pleasant, and the transportation is convenient.

Yifeng Hotel

Qingjiang Tianxia show, Changyang Song and Dance Township. Located on the beautiful Qingjiang River, Yifeng Hotel is a comprehensive tourist hotel integrating catering, accommodation, small meetings and tourist reception. The hotel has 25 standard rooms and can accommodate 44 people. There are 6 Chinese restaurants. At the same time, it can accommodate 150 people to eat, and can undertake all kinds of banquets in high school and low grade. The environment is comfortable and pleasant, and the transportation is convenient.
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