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Lotus Cave Guesthouse

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2019/01/21 14:13
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The Lotus Cave is not a cave with a hidden dragon and a tiger. It is actually a hotel. It is a hotel in Qingjiang, Hubei. It is a hotel with a stone lotus flower that blooms in all seasons.

Lotus Cave Guesthouse

Address: Opposite to Qishiyuan, Chenghuan East Road, Changyang County
Phone: 0717-5324987
Qingjiang Birth Tourism Cave Tianfudi - Lotus Cave Hotel
The Lotus Cave is not a cave with a hidden dragon and a tiger. It is actually a hotel. It is a hotel in Qingjiang, Hubei. It is a hotel with a stone lotus flower that blooms in all seasons.
Steps up the steps of the bluestone slabs, and come to a pavilion outside the cave, with a blue sky above it, and the white clouds on the blue sky rotate gently and gracefully, changing in different postures. Different patterns. The natural stone walls on both sides of the northeast are covered with green, green and green branches. A light red plant named "Ivy" is criss-crossed on the stone walls to form a magnificent landscape. A small green tree in the pavilion creates a natural shade. Sitting on the exquisite stone bench, a cool wind hit the other side of the river, gently patted the cheeks of the cheeks, and the shining sweat on the forehead gradually dispersed under the sneak attack of the wind. In the distance, the green waters of the Qingjiang River have gone to the sound of the sound. There are several small sailboats on the water that are coming to me. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment, and even your heartbeat begins to rest. With the golden laughter of the girls, the fruit and the fragrant scent of the misty hands were handed.
Follow the enthusiastic master to the cave, listen to the popular music, through the long natural stone house in the hole, the eyes wave, one by one, the stalactite hanging from the top of the cave and the one emerging on the ground. The stalagmites, and the blossoming lotus flower attracts everyone's attention. It is the stone lotus that blooms all year round.
Giant natural petals, like a small open sail. In the middle of the petals, the round flower is placed, and the faint light is reflected in the lightening of the stone house. In addition to marveling at the masterpieces of nature, there is no luxury. It is not a land of wealth and gentleness, nor a worldly thick-skinned powder. It brings beauty to the beauty of nature, and is the character and sentiment of lotus.
As for the legend of the Lotus Cave, people have been talking about it for a long time. The most widely spread is that the biggest natural lotus flower headed by this is actually a change of a fairy goddess.
According to legend, before the ancient times, the seven fairies in the sky could not stand the loneliness in the sky, and the six fairies of their sisters secretly came to the mortal world. The two saw that the life of the mortal world was so colorful and they did not want to go back to the sky immediately. But after a while came the call of the Queen Mother, and the Six Fairies pulled the Seven Fairies under the panic. However, the seven fairies at this time shed tears and asked her sister to let her stay in the mortal for two more days. In fact, she had a secret that she did not dare to tell her sister: she only fell in love with a man who was lying on the street at first glance. She said that it was a heavenly arrangement. The helpless six fairies are only alone.
Go back to heaven. The Queen Mother screamed at the Six Fairies and asked where the Seven Fairies went. The six fairies were scared to speak, and she only hoped that the seven fairies would come back soon.
The Seven Fairies think that if they don’t return to the heavenly court, they will be angry, but before they return to heaven, they must look at their own lovers. She found his home. There were several summer lotuses in the pond in front of his house. There were white and pink petals. There were also flower buds under the petals. The Tang Dynasty Li Bai Zeng Shilian Lotus : Clear water out of hibiscus, natural to engrave. This situation is suitable for this poem. He was reading at the desk, his bright eyes were like a clear spring, and the slightly raised eyebrows made her hear the sound of flowers. She thinks she and he may have passed by one hundred
Millions of times! If not, why are you so obsessed with him? He finally found her silently on the side, and he was shocked by her gentle beauty. They embraced like lovers hundreds of years ago. They are in love. However, in a few days, the Queen Mother found it here, regardless of the repeated requests of the Seven Fairies, and slammed the Seven Fairies back into the sky. However, the thoughts of the Seven Fairies on the heart of the soul are getting deeper and deeper with the loss of time. She washes her face with tears all day long and her body gradually loses weight. Within a few years, she finally fell ill completely. She lay in bed without God, thinking if she was going to die. The Queen Mother saw the scene of the Seven Fairies, and it hurt and hate, but there is no other way. She said that if you want to see him, I can only take you back to the mortal world. You will live with him. The Seven Fairies only felt happy at the tip of the tongue, how eager she was to live with him. Her eyes flashed like a morning dew, and her illness suddenly became better. With the help of the Queen Mother, she looked for it again.
It was the place where he had lived before, but it has become a ruin. No one knows where he is going. The Seven Fairies are extremely painful, and she is determined to wait for him to come back here. She stands here every day and looks forward to it. Then, in countless nights, the thoughts of him become Taotao’s tears coming out from the eyes, for a long time. In this lotus pond, which is several kilometers long, it has formed a clear spring. It has been flowing slowly in the cave for many years, like tender music, and it is like the sadness of the seven fairies.
The Seven Fairies have been waiting for ten years in this small county called Qingjiang, but he has never returned. The Queen Mother couldn't bear to see the seven fairies so thin, she died and returned to heaven as soon as possible. But the Seven Fairies cried for the Queen Mother, asking her to turn herself into a stone, staying here every day, so that she would not be old, she believes that one day he will eventually find it. The Queen Mother converted her into this huge stone resembling a lotus flower.
There are still many legends about this kind of legend, but the legend belongs to the legend. Fortunately, some people have now turned this legend into another fact. Here, under the seven-fair loyal love certificate, they have completed one-on-one couples. The ground is in the sun, the glory of life.
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