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Sour paw tea

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:42
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There is a kind of sour claw tree in the west of Hubei, similar to the Toon tree. The fruit is sour. It is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. The long leaves are picked for tea. This kind of tea is yellow, no bitterness and no taste of tea. After drinking, it can clear away heat and cool, especially for a long time without flavor. So Tujia people like sour claw tea and legendary sour claw leaves. They used to have strong tea flavor and sweet fruits, just because the Jade Emperor came down to the world. When he inspected the King of Closing Trees, he felt very good eating the vegetables made from the leaves of Toona sinensis. He also saw some fruits falling on the ground, which made him feel more delicious. So he sealed Toona sinensis as the King of Trees. In fact, the fruit of Toona sinensis was not fruitful. The fruit that fell on the ground was the fruit of Sour Claw Tree, so the smell of Sour Claw Tree was urgent, the smell of tea in the leaves was gone, and the fruit that was sour. It is said that the Jade Emperor made a mistake, so he was unwilling to die.

Sour paw tea

There is a kind of sour claw tree in the west of Hubei, similar to the Toon tree. The fruit is sour. It is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. The long leaves are picked for tea. This kind of tea is yellow, no bitterness and no taste of tea. After drinking, it can clear away heat and cool, especially for a long time without flavor. So Tujia people like sour claw tea and legendary sour claw leaves. They used to have strong tea flavor and sweet fruits, just because the Jade Emperor came down to the world. When he inspected the King of Closing Trees, he felt very good eating the vegetables made from the leaves of Toona sinensis. He also saw some fruits falling on the ground, which made him feel more delicious. So he sealed Toona sinensis as the King of Trees. In fact, the fruit of Toona sinensis was not fruitful. The fruit that fell on the ground was the fruit of Sour Claw Tree, so the smell of Sour Claw Tree was urgent, the smell of tea in the leaves was gone, and the fruit that was sour. It is said that the Jade Emperor made a mistake, so he was unwilling to die.


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