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Serve tea

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2019/01/21 11:43
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Tujia people generally offer sacrifices to ancestors and gods with tea and wine. Tujia people in Qingjiang Valley in Western Hubei pay great attention to "respecting tea". In the past, the court had to pick the best tea as tribute tea. Almost every place had its own tribute tea owner. There were "Yushan tribute tea" in Changyang, and "Rongmeigong tea" in Hefeng and "Shuishigong tea" in Wufeng, which are famous tea from all over the country. Tea is necessary for ancestors and gods to be sacrificed. The small pottery pot that burns this kind of tea is called "Tea Respecting Pot". 

Serve tea

Tujia people generally offer sacrifices to ancestors and gods with tea and wine. Tujia people in Qingjiang Valley in Western Hubei pay great attention to "respecting tea". In the past, the court had to pick the best tea as tribute tea. Almost every place had its own tribute tea owner. There were "Yushan tribute tea" in Changyang, and "Rongmeigong tea" in Hefeng and "Shuishigong tea" in Wufeng, which are famous tea from all over the country. Tea is necessary for ancestors and gods to be sacrificed. The small pottery pot that burns this kind of tea is called "Tea Respecting Pot". Every sacrificial activity will pour "Tea Respecting" into the cup and pour it respectfully on the ground in front of the shrine to show respect. Tujia people regard tea as a god, and they must wash their hands before they catch it. Tea splashing without sacrifice can not be spilled on the ground to avoid offending the God of tea. In Taoism of the Zhengyi sect, ten tributes, namely, incense, flowers, lanterns, water, fruit, tea, food, treasures, jewels and clothes, should be added to the ceremonies of "offering sacrifices to Wang Biao" and "offering sacrifices to the God of land". When offering tea tribute, they sing, "Wuyi fine tea, an endogenous cloud clouds..." "Tea man, natural Ruicao, real estate sprouts, Wuyi immortals personally planted, Zhaozhou monk nodded, crab eye soup cloud waves, grape snow flying." Tujia people should sing "Tea Picking Song" when they make tea. Peng Shu, a poet of Changyang Qing Dynasty, wrote, "Even though his family has lotus songs, it is not as good as Nong's." After innumerable generations of management and evolution, tea culture has been enriched and developed in Tujia areas, forming Tujia etiquette. Zhengyi Taoism in the table of "Ten Kings Gong Gong" also said: "Fucha, Mengding Chunhui, nature latent in the sparrow tongue; Jianxi thunderstorm, Tuyi first in the Dragon regiment..." The Tujia people respect the living, the deceased and the gods with tea, and the objects that reciprocate rituals are generally called "tea ceremony", and inviting guests to eat a bowl of rice wine or candy is also called "tea", the connotation of tea has exceeded its original intention.

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