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New wharf boat officially put into operation in Qingjiang Gallery

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2018/09/20 02:05
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  On September 18, after the one-hour tugging, the new wharf boat of Qingjiang Gallery was successfully anchored and berthed in the Tourist Pier, marking its official service.

  Report has it that this wharf boat is one of the key items in the first phase of the Reflection Gorge project. With the single deck, square bow, square stern and full steel electrically-welded structure, the boat was composed of the main body and the attached body with a T shape. The main body has three floors: i.e. the lounge area on the first floor, large-scaled shopping areas and performing hall on the second floor, and office area on the third floor, with a total investment of more than 10 million yuan. Featuring a total length of 60.4M, a total width of 20.8M and a molded depth of 3M, the boat was designed in accordance with the requirements for Class B navigating zone for inland waters in terms of the hull structure and stability.

  The launch of the new wharf board further enhanced the berthing function of Qingjiang Gallery and removed hidden dangers in scenic spots and piers to offer tourists a more convenient and comfortable touristic experience.

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