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Deputy Mayor of Yichang Zhou Zhengying visited Qingjiang Gallery to give instruction on tourism work in holiday

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2018/09/24 19:58
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  On September 23, Zhou Zhengying, the deputy mayor of Yichang, visited Qingjiang Gallery to give instruction on tourism work in holiday. During the visit, he was accompanied by Li Jun, the county chief of Changyang County, Pei Xinyan and Zhou Jinqun, the deputy county chief, leaders from County Government Office, County Tourism Commission, County Safety Supervision Bureau, County Public Security Bureau, County Economy and Information Bureau, and main leaders of Qingjiang Gallery.

  Zhou Zhengying and his peers inspected the Tujia Style Street, the Tourist Pier and the new wharf boat, and inquired about the details related to tourist reception, tourism order and tourism management during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

  Zhou Zhengying recognized the official launch of the new wharf boat in Qingjiang Gallery, and stated that Qingjiang Gallery should create a unique Tujia culture show with local characteristics as soon as possible to improve tourism quality and service. Meanwhile, it was required that the scenic area should lead the tourist flow properly, maintain the order of the tourism market, pay critical attention to safe production, effectively enhance safety supervision and inspection, never ignore every detail in safe production, so as to ensure zero accident and offer a civilized, safe and comfortable holiday experience for tourists.

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