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Qingjiang Gallery holds the mobilization meeting for National Day cum the assignment meeting

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2018/09/28 19:51
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  On September 27, Qingjiang Gallery held the mobilization meeting for National Day cum the assignment meeting, which was attended by the management of the company, medium-level managers and all party members and presided over by Li Tianjun, the vice general manager of the company.

  During the meeting, all departmental heads of the company expressed their attitudes and delivered speeches on how to receive tourists in the incoming National Day holiday. All branch leaders made assignments on their respective work. Chen Weidong, the secretary of Party Committee and general manager of the company, and Xiong Hu, the deputy secretary of Party Committee and board chairman of the company, delivered mobilizing speeches and raised requirements regarding the reception during the National Day holiday.

  According to the requirements raised on the meeting, first, we need to fully prepare for the holiday and make sure all personnel and materials are in position; second, we need to strengthen safe production, highlight the orientation of problems, perform a safety overhaul in the scenic area before the holiday to timely identify and remove hidden dangers; third, we need to enhance the service level and perform better in hygiene and cleaning, order maintenance in parking lots, and tourist consultation service; fourth, we need to give full play to discipline inspection and supervision, create an upright and upgrading environment; fifth, we need to make summary after the holiday and learn experience for the next step.

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