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Qingjiang Gallery successfully holds the signing ceremony for acquiring Changyang Yilong Transportation Co., Ltd.

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2019/01/30 19:41
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  On January 29, Qingjiang Gallery successfully held the signing ceremony for acquiring Changyang Yilong Transportation Co., Ltd. in the conference room of the Tourist Center. Qingjiang Gallery’s board chairman Xiong Hu signed the Equity Transfer Agreement, the Vessel Transfer Agreement and the Ferry Terminal Custody Agreement with Rao Changyuan, the board chairman of Changyang Shangda Group, and Tang Qinglin, the director of the County Traffic and Transportation Bureau, marking the successful close of this acquisition of Yilong company that consumed nine months and nine days. This acquisition also symbolized a new step for the cooperation between HBCT and Changyang County. Adding new sectors for the tourism business of Qingjiang Gallery will certainly enhance the tourist receiving capability of Qingjiang Gallery and further facilitate the pickup of the market order in the tourism industry.

  During the ceremony, competent departments of the county congratulated for this successful acquisition of Yilong company, expressed their best wishes for Qingjiang Gallery, and proposed working requirements from the view of a supervisor. The deputy county chief Zhou Jinqun requested that “dedication, asset, operation, safety and management” should all be in place, and expected Qingjiang Gallery to head forward towards the next stage.

  The signing ceremony was presided over by the deputy county chief Pei Xinyan, and attended by more than 40 attendees from the County Traffic and Transportation Bureau, the County Tourism Commission, the County State-owned Asset Administration, the County Maritime Bureau, Changyang Shangda Group, Qingjiang Gallery and Changyang Yilong Company.

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