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Opening Ceremony of the “Bash of Tujia Girls and Fragrance of Qingjiang Fresh Tea” 2nd Fresh Tea Garden cum the 2019 Rural Tourism Launching Ceremony held in Qingjiang Gallery

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Li Mengting
2019/03/13 19:32
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  On March 11, the Opening Ceremony of the “Bash of Tujia Girls and Fragrance of Qingjiang Fresh Tea” 2nd Fresh Tea Garden with the theme of “industrial poverty alleviation, combination of tea and tourism, beautiful Qingjiang and fragrant fresh tea” cum the 2019 Changyang Rural Tourism Launching Ceremony was held in Wuluozhongli Mountain, a core attraction of Qingjiang Gallery.

  This event was sponsored by Changyang Qingjiang Tea Association, Changyang Tourism Association, and co-sponsored by Qingjiang Gallery and Changyang LinJun Tea Cooperatives, and was attended by more than 200 representatives from tea-producing towns, villages across the county and from the tea industry.

  During the ceremony, county leaders Qin Hong, Lin Aihe, Pei Xinyan delivered speeches; tea enterprise representatives and farmers signed supporting agreements; the representative of tea farmers in Qianzhangkeng, Dayan Town, delivered a speech. With the rising of folk songs, Tujia girls carefully picked the first sprouting fresh tea leaves. Their hands were dancing above tea trees and picked sprouts into the basket skillfully. Also, Tujia dances, tea art performance, tea frying along with other activities pushed the event to the climax.

  Preeminent places produce premium teas. This event has played a positive leading role in carrying forward the Tujia culture, developing all-for-one tourism, facilitating the fusion and development of tea industry, tea culture and tea tourism, help poor households grow teas, create more benefits to alleviate poverty.

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